Alan (Sleepaway Camp)

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Alan (Sleepaway Camp)
“Your ass stinks!”
Gender: Male
Type: Hateable Foul-Mouth Camper
Age: 14
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Michael Gibney
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Sleepaway Camp

Alan is the main character of the 2008 awful and poorly-received horror film, Return to Sleepaway Camp. He is portrayed by an actor named Michael Gibney.

Why He Sucks

  1. He is completely unlikable, mean-spirited, and is downright childish, kind of like these two or him.
  2. The shirt he wears throughout the movie is filthy, stained, and absolutely disgusting looking.
  3. He’s very hypocritical, he doesn’t want to be bullied but has shown to consistently bully other people.
  4. He doesn’t even obey the rules of the camp counselors and instead picks fights with them and insults them as well.
  5. He has the personality and behavior of a 5-year-old spoiled troublemaking brat.
  6. His catchphrase, “Your ass stinks!”, is idiotic and absolutely ridiculous.
  7. He’ll throw a fit like a toddler if something doesn’t go his way and/or when he’s being bullied by someone.
  8. The actor that plays him, Michael Gibney, gives a straight-up awful performance (probably the worst in the film).
  9. He is by far one of the most unlikable and beastly protagonists in movie history.
  10. In fact, he’s so unlikeable that it’s extremely difficult to root for and side with him in the film.
  11. In one scene, he threatens his bunkmates with a lighter and hairspray, and even tried to kill Mickey with a knife.
  12. His tone of voice can get very whiny, infantile, irritating, and can get on your nerves VERY quickly.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He was revealed to not be the killer at the end of the movie.


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