Aiden (Minecraft Story Mode)

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Aiden (Minecraft Story Mode)
"Just DIE already!"
Gender: Male
Type: Pitful Lamewad of a Antagonist
Age: Adult
Portrayed by: Matthew Mercer
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Minecraft: Story Mode

Aiden is a character in Minecraft: Story Mode (MCSM), by Telltale Games. He appears as a minor antagonist in "The Order of the Stone" and the main antagonist in "Order Up!". He was one of the four members of The Ocelots, a team of builders rival to Jesse's gang. He later forms his own group, The Blaze Rods. He is voiced by Matthew Mercer.

Why He Should "Just Die Already"

  1. Compared to all of the rest of the villains in MCSM and made by Telltale, he's not intimidating at all, just pathetic. Making him a boring villain altogether. His villain qualities are also overexaggerated when he does become a villain, making him a poor character entirely.
  2. Much like Lord Betrayus: He's an extremely arrogant narcissist and will do anything to get what he wants.
    • He got so jealous when Jesse became a hero, he even went so far as to push him/her off a cliff.
    • When Jesse's team wins the competition, he literally pouts like a child and cheats by attempting to set their build on fire. The judges don't even disqualify his team later, which is unfair.
  3. He always takes the easy way out using the same method- cheating and lying.
  4. He is always rude to Jesse's gang, and holds a grudge against them for absolutely no reason.
  5. He's a whiny hypocrite, and absolutely can't stand it when anything good happens to Jesse and his/her friends.
  6. What's even more confusing is that Jesse is obviously a much better fighter than him and, but for some reason, they constantly keep getting defeated by him. (poor writing there!)
  7. Most of his lines and jokes are just childish, stupid, and idiotic.
  8. He usually shows no remorse for his actions, and won't hesitate to hurt or kill someone who gets in his way. Like a machine with no feelings.
  9. Hypocrisy: He begs Jesse not to push him off sky city, even though he did the same thing with the Founder, Jesse, and Lukas.
  10. If Jesse chooses to leave him there or push him over, he holds his grudge and acts like he didn't deserve it.
  11. His design is poor, depending on your view.

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. He does change at the end of Episode 5, and tells Jesse he wants to become a writer (determinant)


  • He is voiced by Matthew Christopher Miller, better known as Matthew Mercer, is an American voice actor. He is best known for his work with Studiopolis, Viz Media, Bang Zoom! Entertainment, Funimation, and NYAV Post in anime, cartoons, and video games.
  • He doesn't show up for the rest of the series, but he does send a letter to BeaconTown, asking for a way to redeem himself.


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