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Agent M
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Look up the term "Mary Sue" and you'll find a picture of this woman.
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'Unknown'

Molly Wright better known as Agent M is one of the two main characters in Men in Black: International. She is paired up with Agent H to protect, and subsequently investigate the death of, a Jababian member of the royal family, Vungus the Ugly.

Why She Sucks

  1. Most of the problems related to the film, are linked or closely linked to her, considering she's uninspiring and boring overall and her actions are all a cliche checklist that's been done numerous times before and much better.
  2. She's supposed to gain sympathy from the audience due to her emotional backstory and years of being called crazy and being sent to therapy, but she comes across as being hard to relate to, considering we never actually saw her being ridiculed, or hear anything about therapy. In fact, her co-worker was very supportive of her, and lots of top government agencies were after her to be a new employee.
  3. That brings us to her next issue: She comes across as a Mary Sue. She scores high marks in all of her paperwork and agency tests, she quickly becomes a MIB agent and sent on a task in literally 9 seconds (seriously, where's the security to that place?), she can instantly handle MIB weaponry and strange gear, and she can fully explain alien contraptions to the likes most people can't even begin to comprehend. Plus, anytime a character speaks about her, they treat her as the next coming of Jesus Christ, even though she hadn't proven herself worthy of the title up to that point. The reason Agent J from the original film was more beloved was that he had shown his flaws, and he didn't suddenly become an expert overnight - he was being watched by Agent K, and J had rightfully earned his position as a professional agent.
  4. She has no narrative driving goals or objectives she's trying to fulfill. Sure, there's the flashback where she comes across a young alien as a child and dedicates her life into proving to the world that aliens were real, but her suddenly deciding she wants to become a Woman in Black sort of comes out of nowhere. Also, there were no real steaks to the job involved. If she didn't make the job, nothing would change or be lost.
  5. She manages to complete her vague goal of joining the MiB within 16 minutes of the film, so during the rest of the 115-minute film, she's just a generic hero character who could be replaced with no consequences at all. Plus, most of her actions are just listening to what she's told, just happening to be in the right place. The whole plot is entirely dependent on a series of conveniences.
  6. Her actress didn't do such a good portrayal of M(olly) considering she and Chris Hemsworth are working with a bland and unfunny script, which is too bad considering they had excellent chemistry and humor in Thor: Ragnarok.
  7. The only reason that she exists as a character is to serve as a token and also to promote woke and feminist propaganda.



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