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    "Don't let your kids watch it!" - Robbie Rotten

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    Reason: Mentions of genocide

    Adam is a major antagonist in the Hazbin Hotel series on Amazon Prime Video.

    Adam: 🎵🎶Can't wait a whole year
    To slaughter those little cunts
    I know it's just been a week
    But we'll be back in six months!🎵🎶
    Charlie: Um, wait, didn't you—
    Ugh, SHIT!
    Gender: Male
    Type: Genocidal Egotist
    Age: As old as the Earth
    Species: Angel (formerly human)
    Portrayed by: Alex Brightman
    Status: Deceased
    Media of origin: Hazbin Hotel
    First appearance: Hazbin Hotel pilot (silhouette cameo)

    Hazbin Hotel (series): "Overture" (official appearance)

    Last appearance: "The Show Must Go On"

    Just like Adam from the Book of Genesis, he was the first human male ever created, and was the first human soul to ascend to Heaven. But the only difference is that after becoming an angel, he became the commander the Exorcists, and serves Heaven as forerunner of the Extermination movement.

    Intentionally Hellish Qualities

    1. In spite of being an angel, he is anything but merciful. In fact, as the commander of the Exorcists, he doesn't care about whichever damned soul he and his angel army slaughter, even if the sinners killed aren't as bad as the rest.
    2. He's proven to have such a massive ego. For starters, he considers himself the perfect man since he claims never to have made a mistake in his life. And because he was the first man created, all male bloodlines came from him.
    3. He presumably doesn't seem to be aware of his excessive ego or vile nature being the reason why Lilith left him in favor of Lucifer.
    4. He wrote in a rule during the case just so he could prove a point (which failed massively).
    5. He's apparently a misogynist since he calls women "bitches".
    6. After he and Lute caught Vaggie, a former exorcist, sparing a young sinner, they got so mad that they stripped her of her wings, as well as one of her eyes, leaving her to suffer in Hell.
    7. He is the reason for the whole conflict of the first season of the series. After rejecting Charlie's pitch for her "Hazbin Hotel" to rehabilitate sinners, he decided to shorten the wait time for the next exorcism from one year to six months, causing a panic within the sinners from Hell not to mention on intending to start a massive genocide without giving Charlie a chance.

    Heavenly Qualities

    1. He does have a good relationship with fellow exorcist Lute, in spite of being her superior.
    2. He can be self-aware sometimes, like when the death of an Exorcist was discovered, he knew that if they decided to kill the Sinners now after just one week after the most recent Extermination, then demons would catch on to how Exorcists can be killed.
    3. His design is very cool and unique, like many characters from Hazbin Hotel, thanks to Vivienne Medrano's artistic style.
      • He even looks fairly handsome without his exorcist mask.
    4. Alex Brightman does an amazing job speaking and singing for Adam.
    5. His songs "Hell is Forever" and "You Didn't Know" are catchy like many songs from the show.



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