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    Team Avatar (The Last Airbender, 2010)

    Team Avatar (The Last Airbender, 2010)
    "You're lying!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Character in name only
    Angsty Brat Who Never Jokes And Smiles
    The Dark Side of Aang
    Age: 12
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Noah Ringer
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: The Last Airbender
    First appearance: The Boy in the Iceberg

    Aang is the main protagonist of the 2010 film The Last Airbender, based off the Nickelodeon television program by the same name. He is potrayed by Noah Ringer.

    Why This Version Was Not the Real Avatar

    Note: This article will only focus on the movie version of Aang, who is not what he was meant from the show.

    1. Just to get the cat out of the room, this movie version of Aang from the show was horribly re-imagined as a whiny scared child, unlike his TV counterpart.
    2. He went from a fun-loving, caring, optimistic, and sometimes serious boy to an angsty, whiny brat who never cracks a joke or smile.
      • His only "inner conflict" was his inability to use waterbending, which he finally did to create a really big wall of water to scare the Fire Nation away. Not defeating them and dealing a crushing blow to the might of the Fire Nation, just scaring them away.
      • He also has a new conflict where he couldn't bend water without hurting people, so he would never. It is implied that he cannot overcome his grief over the loss of the Air Nomads, which is why he became less optimistic after his visit to the Southern Air Temple. This is a massive contrast to the cartoon, where one of Aang's defining traits was his ability to stay happy despite these horrible circumstances. While his cartoon counterpart did have an issue of using a form of bending without hurting people, that counterpart’s concerns only dealt with firebending and had more justification as he accidentally hurt Katara while practising it. Here, Aang’s fear of water bending is more nonsensical as he was seen fine using it the moment he learned it in the cartoon.
    3. Unlike the show, He only ran away from the Air Temple just because when he is chosen as an Avatar, he would never have a family, despite Roku and the others having a family and said that it will be a “sacrifice the Avatar always has to make” which is a bafflingly cheap change (not helping that the fact that every Avatar do have a family in the series)
    4. His actor, Noah Ringer, did a poor job portraying him as he sounds emotionless and phoned in.
      • Not to mention Noah Ringer was heavily miscast as him for two reasonsː
        • In the original show, Aang is implied to be Asian, more specifically to be Tibetan due to his Air temple heritage being a group of monks and Buddhists.
        • Noah himself also had no acting experience at all when he was portraying the character, showing how horrible Aang was said portrayed in this film.
      • To make matters worse, if you watch the "behind the scenes" clips, you will notice Ringer's personality is much like Aang's. Even if this is the case, it's still wasted potential.
    5. His name is mispronounced as it is pronounced in the movie "Ong" rather than "Ah-ng", which would become a meme.
    6. He is taken way too seriously to the point he would never be a humorous and funny like Sokka.
      • You may argue that Aang did have a serious side to him, but not to the extent like this.
    7. Unlike his original counterpart, he doesn't immediately ask Katara to go penguin-sledding with him after waking up, and he doesn't even tell her or Sokka his name until they're at the Southern Air Temple.
    8. Some of the scenes aren’t faithful to material, like when Aang wanting the Earthbenders to rise up instead of Katara and going to the air temple without Sokka and Katara.
    9. Like this film's Katara, Aang talks way too much on exposition even if it’s about a prophecy or something that he remembers.
    10. Like Katara who always talks way too much on exposition, Aang also does that as well either about his past or wanting the Earthbenders to rise and stop the Fire nation.
    11. Like characters such as the live-action version of Goku from Dragon Ball Evolution, he suffers from terrible fight choreography when he was like “fight-dancing”. His moves are so boring enough like when he and Katara are trying to “dance” to bend water.
    12. Aang also doesn't fuse the Ocean Spirit in Avatar State to wipe out the entire Fire Nation armada in the show; instead, he summons a giant tsunami to cause them to flee.
    13. He barely even fights with Zuko for the first time whatsoever in the film; he only just had to hide in a tent and do nothing.
    14. His lines are very painful and wooden as if he was about to cry and whine, especially such as, "You're lying!".
    15. Judging by his personality and behaviour, he's pretty much bland in character and personality-wise at best if you think about it.

    Redeeming Qualities That Are the Real Avatar

    1. There are some moments where he is at his best. For example:
      • He tries to encourage the Earthbenders in the movie to fight back the Firebenders when they were imprisoned (instead of Katara in the show).
      • Aang helps Zuko as the Blue Spirit when they are attacked by General Zhao's army.
    2. He could have been a great concept of a more mature version of Aang, even though he did take the Avatar job seriously during season 3, yet it was horribly executed.
    3. His hooded trench coat and detailed airbending tattoos is a fitting concept than his original counterpart.
    4. He was a much better character in the original 2005 show, which makes his flanderization much sadder and he managed to redeem himself in the Nicktoons MLB video game in 2011.



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