William Wharton

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William Wharton
Gender: Male
Type: Multiple Murder
Species: Human
Media of Origin: 'Unknown'

William "Wild Bill" Wharton is a major character and the secondary antagonist of "The Green Mile". He was played by Sam Rockwell in the 1999 film adaptation.

Why He Sucks

  • He rapes Cora and Kathy, which got John Coffey framed for.
  • He is a psychopath.
  • He is a convicted murder.
  • He called John Coffey the N Word.
  • He Spit at Paul Edgecomb
  • He Spit out a moon pie at Harry Terwilliger
  • He Is Responsible For John Coffey's Execution

Redeeming Qualities

  • He was shot to death by Percy Wetmore after John Coffey Transmit the Disease to him
  • He is funny.


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