Vanellope von Schweetz (Ralph Breaks the Internet)

Vanellope von Schweetz (Ralph Breaks the Internet)
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Apparently, it's a big deal when every other character goes turbo in the first film but it's no big deal when Vanellope does it in the sequel.
Gender: Female
Type: The Dark Side of Vanellope
Age: Child
Species: Human Videogame Character
Portrayed by: Sarah Silverman
Status: Alive
Media of origin: 'Wreck-It Ralph'

"It was high on (Vanellope)'s priority list to spend time in Slaughter Race than to save her game. She might've have a point that she wouldn't be missed. But wasting time when they're on a clock to mope makes (Vanellope) a worse princess than Merida. No, I'm not taking that back. Merida, at least tried to fix what she f***ed up. And Vanellope gets rewarded in the end. She goes turbo because yes, her code gets updated to the new game."
The Mysterious Mr. Enter, when criticizing Vanellope's extreme selfishness displayed in "Ralph Breaks the Internet" and how she's outright rewarded for it, while unfavorably comparing her horrible actions to that of Merida from "Brave"

Vanellope von Schweetz is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2012 animated feature film, Wreck-It Ralph and its 2018 sequel, Ralph Breaks the Internet.

Sadly, she suffered severe flanderization in the sequel Ralph Breaks the Internet to the point that she is portrayed as extremely unlikable that it's even out of character for her.

Bitter Qualities

NOTE: This article only applies to the character as depicted in Ralph Breaks the Internet, as she was flanderized. Her original counterpart is fine.

  1. Unlike her counterpart in the first movie, she has become extremely selfish due to her horrible decisions.
    • On that topic, another problem was how she basically lost her original personality from the first movie in the sequel as the result of bad flanderization. Originally in the first movie, she was depicted as a rascally outcast with a good side, which was what made her a likable and sympathetic character in said film. But here in the sequel, all traces of her original personality from the first film are completely gone in favor of being a selfish and rebellious free-spirit whom is more willing to pursue her own dreams at the cost of the welfare of everyone she knows, including Ralph, hence making her later characterization come off more like a "rebellious princess" type character that is commonly associated with later Disney Princesses such as Ariel, Jasmine and Merida, but with none of the charm and likability those rebellious Disney Princesses had.
  2. She breaks her own game because she's so determined to race that new course that she yanks control away from the gamer when there was nothing stopping her from waiting until after the arcade closed to try the new track out. Even Ralph should've waited until the arcade closed to build the track in the first place.
  3. She then further endangers Sugar Rush by going to Slaughter Race just because she's bored. This is despite knowing that a character leaving their game can get it unplugged wiping everyone out as the first movie established.
  4. She literally has zero character development throughout the entire movie, unlike the previous film. In fact, even Ralph redeemed himself at the end despite acting really creepy towards her.
  5. Her story and character arc of her leaving Sugar Rush for Slaughter Race in the sequel parallels to that of Ralph's in the first film, as in both films both Ralph and Vanellope are dissatisfied with their old game lives and therefore left their old games in favor of improving the quality of their respective lives, inadvertently caused problems to the other characters in the process. While not necessarily a bad thing, the main problem is that unlike Ralph who eventually realized what he did was wrong and therefore sets out to do the right thing in the first film, in the sequel Vanellope shows absolutely no remorse whatsoever for the trouble she has caused from her selfish actions, especially when she renders everyone in Sugar Rush homeless and puts at risk of their game getting unplugged all because she broke her game.
    • Speaking of which, her story and character arc similarly parallels to that of the Disney Princesses' "wanting more out of life" trope, as evident when she meets them at Oh My Disney! midway in the film. Except that unlike all the Disney Princesses that came before and after her, the way she pursues her dream of wanting to be part of Slaughter Race is very selfish, one-sided and one-dimensional, since she became so fixated on wanting to be part of Slaughter Race to the point that she just outright neglects and forgets everyone else she knows from the arcade world, including Ralph. Not even the most rebellious of Disney Princesses such as Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Fa Mulan (even including her "flanderized" incarnation in Mulan II), Rapunzel, Merida, or Moana, along with Elsa and Anna from the Frozen franchise would go this far with such selfishness and neglectfulness towards others for the sake of pursuing their respective dreams!
    • Unlike the first film, she doesn't even attempt at helping Ralph when he's in a moment of a near-death experience near the end of the film, which evident when Ralph falls down big heights after defeating Arthur/Ralphzilla, it's the Disney Princesses which Vanellope befriended with doing all the work of saving Ralph from falling to his death rather than Vanellope herself doing it in an attempt to make up to Ralph by undoing the mess she has caused to him, hence highlighting Vanellope's selfishness even further.
  6. Her decision to ultimately stay in Slaughter Race creates all kinds of plot holes. It's the internet, people will ask where she came from, they'll find out, with her being a copyrighted character legal issues would arise, and players would report a glitchy op character. She would have been removed within a week and the company who made the game would probably get sued for something that wasn't their fault. And the "oh there are so many other racers, no one will notice I'm gone" excuse doesn't fly. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has over 70 fighters to choose from, and removing one of them or even just removing one alternate color choice isn't a minor change and the players will notice.
  7. She is basically a Mary Sue in some way for going Turbo and getting away with it, yet Ralph and Turbo faced the consequences for their actions later on for going Turbo in the first film.
    • In addition to this, she is also a Karma Houdini for going Turbo, not helping by the fact that Ralph is being treated as "toxic" for trying to stop her. While Ralph may have gone too far in trying to get Vanellope to stay at the arcade, she was still far too harsh with him and didn't really consider his feelings.
    • For some reason, even Ralph went Turbo during game hours again in order to save Vanellope's game from being removed, and Felix is suddenly okay with that, unlike the first film.
  8. She overall teaches bad lessons to be extremely selfish, with the rancid moral being "abandon all sort of responsibility and do whatever it takes to make yourself happy at the cost of dooming your own country or society in the process".

Sweet Qualities

  1. She was a better character in the first film.
  2. Sarah Silverman still did a good job voicing Vanellope.
  3. Her design is still cute, as it has remained unchanged from the first film.
  4. She at least tried to help Ralph get the steering wheel for Sugar Rush by getting people to watch Ralph's videos in order to raise money for it before she decided that Slaughter Race was her new home later on after she and Ralph succeed in getting the replacement part.


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