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{{LoathsomeCharacterInfobox|name=Sayori|Picture=Sayori.jpg|Quote="Boo... You meanie."|Gender=Female|Type=Clingy and Clumsy Childhood Friend|Age=18|Species=Human|Status=Varies|Series=Doki Doki Literature Club!}}
{{LoathsomeCharacterInfobox|name=Sayori|Picture=Sayori.jpg|Quote="Boo... You meanie."|Gender=Female|Type=Clingy and Clumsy Childhood Friend|Age=18|Species=Human|Status=Varies|Series=Doki Doki Literature Club!}}
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== Comments ==
== Comments ==
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"Boo... You meanie."
Gender: Female
Type: Clingy and Clumsy Childhood Friend
Age: 18
Species: Human
Status: Varies
Media of Origin: Doki Doki Literature Club!

NOTE: This will only focus on Sayori's counterpart from the original game.

Sayori (サヨリ) is the main heroine in the 2017 psychological horror visual novel Doki Doki Literature Club! and the childhood friend of the main protagonist, who goes by any name that the player gives him.

Why She Sucks

  1. To get Mr. Cow out of the room, Sayori can't take care of herself. She relies on the protagonist to do everything for her, such as cleaning her constantly messy room, keeping her from setting her house on fire while cooking, and the list goes on.
  2. She practically forced the protagonist into the Literature Club. She called the protagonist a meanie just because he didn't want to attend it (although he did word it rudely). She even told the rest of the Literature Club that he was joining, although he never agreed to it.
  3. She is unhygienic. She leaves toothpaste on her collar like "nobody will notice." Does she even wash her uniform?
  4. She doesn't consider the proper time to go to bed, which is why she is often late to school.
  5. Some of her preferred words in the poem minigame are depression, misfortune, tragedy, pain, and death; This foreshadow is way too early, considering that the poem minigame is played twice minimum before her depression and thrice minimum before her death in Act 1, which is the longest of the 4 Acts in the 6-hour game.
  6. Natsuki bought cookies for both her and herself, and she rudely took Natsuki's cookie even after the confirmation of which is whose.
    • This additionally proves her a hypocrite for all the times she called the protagonist a meanie.
  7. She is forgetful. After she bumped her head while picking crayons, the protagonist ran to give her a box of cold apple juice, and she forgets about her massive wound and opens the box to drink out of it.
  8. She never understands the protagonist when he tries to explain even the important things.
  9. When she started to get depressed, she told the protagonist, who started to get concerned, not to worry about her.
    • She chose to go home early and used sickness, of all things, as an excuse to hide her depression.
    • She stated that she was depressed her entire life, but the fact that she was cheerful before Monika played with the code proves this statement an obvious lie.
  10. She went outside while the protagonist was with either Yuri or Natsuki, complaining to him even more about her depression like he's her personal therapist, which proves her a hypocrite in regard to WSS #9.
  11. There are times where she lacks sense, one example being "I like you so much that I want to die!"
  12. She stated that she trusted the protagonist after he stated that things would get better, but the following day, she chose to hang from a noose and remain absent until Act 4. Where did she even get the noose?
  13. If monika.chr is deleted before the game is started, she freaks out after realizing she's just a character in a video game and deletes yuri.chr, natsuki.chr, and her own file, thus closing the game; When the player opens the game again, she is seen, in black and white, hanging from a noose. Again, where did she even get the noose? Around 10 minutes later, she leaves one last message, reading "Now everyone can be happy."

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Her fun and wholesome personality.
  2. She reasoned with Natsuki and Yuri to cut their argument over Yuri calling Natsuki's poem "cute."
  3. The first scene of the game shows that she worries about the protagonist and his connection to the "real world."
  4. She eventually apologized to the protagonist over WSS #2.
  5. Despite WSS #12, it was the goal to set up the horror via suicide of the most wholesome character, which was nailed perfectly.
  6. "It's bad to skip breakfast! I get all cranky..."
  7. She is more likeable in Act 4.
    • Because she replaced Monika as the President of the Literature Club, she controls her sleep schedule very well compared to WSS #4 in Act 1.
    • She isn't clingy or clumsy like she was in Act 1.
    • In the good ending, she understands her conscience and expresses her thanks to the player.


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