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ShortBusShawty/sandbox/Mario (SuperMarioLogan (2017-present))
Mario (SML).png
Gender: Male
Type: Depressed Nintendo mascot turned deadbeat butt monkey
Age: Mid-late 40s
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Logan Thirtyacre
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: SuperMarioLogan

Mario Mario (or Mario Wilfred), or just simply Mario, is the main protagonist of the SuperMarioLogan series.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. He is an example of a badly written butt monkey, as despite the fact he is meant to come across as sympathetic, Mario is shown to be as immoral as the other characters and also does heinous atrocities often with little/no reasonable provocation, which makes it harder to be sympahetic for him. For example, although this is a pre-2017 video, "The Hitman" has him hiring a hitman to murder Jeffy simply for wasting Cheerios.
    1. Similarly he hired a bird hitman in "Jeffy's Haircut" to kill a member of a near extinct bird species for annoying him, with full knowledge the species is endangered.
  2. Compunding the issue above is that as a result of his flanderization, he has become a complete pushover to the point that he lets people steamroll him without making an effort to defend himself, and a lot of moments commonly viewed as sympathetic could easily have been avoided if he simply tried to put his foot down.
    1. For example, pretty much every time Black Yoshi does something illegal, Mario tries to lightly scold him and then still tries to help Black Yoshi evade the law for some reason, like in "Black Yoshi's Blank Check" where despite him getting arrested at the end, he also tried to cover for his crime instead of turning Black Yoshi in even when the cops arrived.
    2. Another example of him enabling his own torture is "Mr. Goodman's Revenge", where he puts himself through some downright humiliating chores for Mr. Goodman to bust Rosalina out of jail, despite the latter hypocritically getting angry at him for supposedly cheating on her and trying to hit him with a hammer.
    3. Even the most infamous Mario torture video, "Jeffy's Bad Word!" has a degree of this. While the response and torture Mario went through was disproportionate and the other characters in the video were undoubtedly worse, Mario still had the poor judgement to call a homeless man a "faggot" in front of his impressionable son.
  3. Much like Bowser, Mario has shown himself to be racist and xenophobic, as he reacted with anger when he found out one of Rosalina's exes, D Money was black and has expressed his desire to ban aliens from Earth.
  4. He is a greedy cheapstake and has endangered his friends and family for the sake of getting money, to the point that he sold his own son for ten million dollars in "Mario Sells Jeffy" and it has been implied that he only keeps Jeffy around to get some of his inheritance money.
  5. He has shown signs of jealousy/pettiness several times, such as the time he paid Jeffy to break Bowser's Mario Kart trophy in "Jeffy and Junior Sneak Out" because he was jealous of it.
  6. He is a poor father. While Jeffy is a monster child, Mario often barely makes an effort or sometimes doesn't even bother trying.
    1. He continually feeds Jeffy green beans simply because Mario himself likes them, and never tries to feed him anything else, despite knowing full well that Jeffy hates them.
    2. He has beaten Jeffy several times, even on occasions when the later barely did anything.
    3. In "Jeffy and Junior Sneak to Disney World!", he chooses to play with his Lego Mario toy over checking to see if Jeffy is fine.
  7. It has been demonstrated multiple times he has trouble admitting to his own flaws and would rather shift the blame to any other source, the worst offender being "Jeffy Plays Minecraft" where he gets Minecraft and a YouTube channel banned simply because he didn't feel like teaching Jeffy not to imitate those videos. Though he does learn his lesson at the end.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He was a nice and sympathetic character back before 2017 and even has a page on Awesome Characters wiki, and he still does have many sympathetic moments today, in part due to his status as an unrelenting butt monkey and he is often in the right when dealing with characters like Jeffy, Rosalina, and Mr. Goodman.
  2. While this doesn't make him a better character, he is still liked by some fans and is still one of the best and most sympathetic characters in the series, though that is more of a testament to the other characters having even worse writing.
  3. While he is a bad parent, it is not entirely his fault as Jeffy is a handful and his wife is arguably an even worse parent.
  4. His voice acting is still decent despite his voice sounding like a quieter version of Junior's.




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Whoops. I accidentally pressed "Submit" instead of "Show preview".

Well since it's up I guess the crux of my argument is that just because he's one of the best characters doesn't actually make him good


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I'm aware. This page is just for SML Mario post flanderization as he really is a quite flawed character.

I know he's one of the forbidden characters, which is why the page is only a sandbox. This is just me expressing my reasons for why I personally think his butt monkey status isn't a good enough reason to ban him from the wiki and I was hoping to get some discussion on that.


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Since I can't edit comments (for reasons that are beyond me) I also wanted to point out several characters have pages on both wikis.


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I don't really care about the characters from SML. To me, they are nonsentient plushies and puppets used for telling stories. I just want these character wikis to be reasonable and not self-contradicting.


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Makes sense it would be seen as self-contradicting.

If this page were ever to be made into an official page, I would propose fixing the self contradiction issue by renaming the "Awesome Characters" page on him into "Mario (SuperMarioLogan, Pre-2017)" since this page is only for the character post 2017.

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