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Screenshot of Zelda from the TV Show.png
"Just my bad luck I guess." We understand why this Zelda is annoyed with Link, but she’s often too harsh on him.
Gender: Female
Type: The Dark Side of Zelda
Age: 17
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Cyndy Preston
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: The Legend of Zelda (TV series)

Princess Zelda is a major character from The Legend of Zelda games and the TV adaption of the same name. She is the friend of Link and Spryte. While she’s often the side character in most of the games, she’s portrayed as a co-protagonist of the show. She was voiced by Cyndy Preston.

Bad Qualities

NOTE: This is only focusing on The Legend of Zelda TV version of her since the video game version of her is likable, and also because she redeems herself in Captain N: The Game Master TV show.

  1. Despite Zelda being understandably annoyed with Link's pestering nature, she is often extreme when it comes to being harsh or just the worst to him, a prime example of this is her violently mistreating him on many occasions (e.g Link sleepwalking and nearly dies because of Zelda cutting the rope Link was walking on).
    • Speaking of which, her portrayal as an independent female character came from the worst time period for female characters of fiction, many examples include Zelda herself made out to be a hyper-competent type of character, while this is shown most of the time, she tends to be kidnapped a lot. Where she was written to be independent, she often keeps telling Link to do everything for her and falls in love with Prince Facad that isn't Link.
  2. In episode 2, she makes Link, whose skill is sword combat and protecting the world and the triforce from Ganon, doing janitor duty work.
  3. She is often bitchy, demanding, and ungrateful to Link, where she is usually complaining and bickering towards Link when he does something actually helpful for once.
  4. Her character design is rather bland and generic, as the direction that went into her design along with Link wasn't fitting to the source material.
    • Especially her hair detailed being surprisingly colored wrong. Where in the game, her color is brown, and in the show, it's blond.
  5. Where she was always hinted to be a love interest to Link, she is often written out to be like a nagging mother.

Good Qualities

  1. Her generally bitchy and standoffish behavior is quite understandable and somewhat relatable when it comes to putting up with someone like Link.
    • She is responsible, resourceful, proactive in nearly every episode, and took zero crap from anyone.
    • She is often capable of taking charge in saving the day. Which makes her far more competent than her video game counterpart was for the time.
  2. While she did get captured from time to time, she didn’t always have to rely on Link to save her. Half the time, she saved herself, and there were even a few occasions when she saved Link singlehandedly.
    • As a character, she was ahead of her time with animated women of comparable strength that would be few and far between for several years to come.
    • With this in mind, she has shown to give some affection and romantic aspects to Link on occasion.
  3. Cyndy Preston did a decent job at voicing her.
  4. In the 4 tv specials of Captain N: The Game Master, she has still had her heroic aspects and is given an enhancement when it comes to being written to be even more tolerable than ever.


  • In the Mexican Spanish dub, Zelda was voiced by Rocío Garcel respectively.


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