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Stan Beals
Gender: Male
Type: Abusive Businessman
Age: Unknown
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Paul Giamatti
Status: Unknown
Media of Origin: The Ant Bully

Stanley "Stan" Beals is the main antagonist of the 2006 Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures computer-animated film The Ant Bully. He is voiced by Paul Giamatti.

Why He Sucks

  1. He was never seen or mentioned in the book, so the filmmakers should excuse how to make a book into the film.
  2. Despite being main antagonist, his role is very small, since he only appeared briefly in the beginning and later in the climax, makes him pointless.
  3. He forced Lucas to sign the contract for exterminating ants, but since Lucas can't decide what to do, he mocks him for being sign the contract, until Lucas sign the stupid contract, in which he agrees with.
  4. His dialogue is atrocious and really stupid and bad.


  • In a deleted scene, it is revealed that Stan wanted to exterminate the ants on the Nickle's lawn because he held accounts for every house in the neighborhood except theirs. However, Lucas' father refused, stating that he wasn't interested in Stan's services.
    • Another deleted scene showed Stan talking to his assistant that when the ants come together as one, this would be a hard time to take out.
  • For his voice, Giamatti gave Stan a deep, low, graveling voice. This most likely coincides with the fact that Beals smokes a cigar a lot.
  • Stan can be considered a foil to Lucas.