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    S1 E5 Kevin.png

    Kevin is one of the main characters from a Canadian animated television series called Supernoobs.

    Bad Qualities

    1. He was shown to be unlikable in most of the episodes.
    2. He is selfish, narcissistic, arrogant, immature, and imperfect.
    3. He is egotistical who barely has empathy for others.
    4. He was flanderized in the Season 2 to make him even more irresponsible that teases Jennifer just because she is a girl, making him a sexist.
    5. He suffers little to no karma for his inconvenient actions.
    6. He usually makes unfunny jokes.
    7. His voice can be irritating for some people. What doesn’t help is that Joel McHale voices this character.
    8. He is most toxic to his friends.
    9. He alongside Roach hog tons of screen time from the show, often pushing Tyler and Shope to the side and forcing Mem and Zen into boring subplots
    10. He frequently refuses to listen to his friends and refuses to listen to Mem and Zen. Such a refusal to listen causes a lot of conflict in many episodes
    11. He thinks very little of his own family, especially his father as in “The Noob Watchman” he reveals that his father is a neighborhood night watchman and thinks this job is boring and makes him unpopular at school. Because of this, Kevin decides to lie about his family during career night by having Mem and Zen pretend to be his parents in their Bob and Rob forms, giving them the fake job of being super spies, and preventing his actual dad from attending by turning off his alarm clock and putting headphones with soothing music over his head while sleeping. Kevin also did not even think about what he was implying about Bob and Rob as he said that he went with two dads so he could double his “cool dad career factor”, which just shows how selfish and arrogant Kevin is. Kevin is not punished for this deception and his real father never finds out.

    Good Qualities

    1. His character design is okay and actually really cute. In his battle suit form, the design looks very cool including his hair. (depending on your view).
    2. His animal transformation is cool and interesting.
    3. He did good job-saving others from dangers. For example, he commands the underwater animals to stop an infected rare white whale.
    4. He is a bit likeable in Season 1 before his flanderization in Season 2.
    5. His backstory is kind of heartbreaking when he suffered a dysfunctional families and his home, and that could be the reason for Kevin's selfish and narcissistic behavior. See in the description.


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