Super D (SuperMarioLogan)

Super D
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"Bruh, just admit that you're too scrawny."
Gender: Male
Type: Unlikeable Simp who's Over-Possessive and Insufferably Arrogant
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Chris Netherton
Status: Alive
Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan

Zachary Coleman (better known as Super D) is a major antagonist in the SuperMarioLogan series. He was first introduced in "Jeffy's 16th Birthday". He is one of Rosalina's many ex-boyfriends.

Why He's A Super Dumb

  1. The most obvious reason for his loathsome reputation is that the only reason he exists is to make Mario look bad out of his sheer arrogance, something that is at its height in "Jeffy's Christmas Gift".
  2. His very name is a shameless innuendo.
  3. He's overly possessive of Rosalina (something she even admits in his debut episode), an example of this is in "Jeffy's Big Idea", where he hires a robber to tackle Rosalina and make him look like a hero so she'll love him.
  4. Irony: Despite being a superhero, he acts more like a villain as he has committed crimes, such as property damage and theft.
  5. He stole a hypnosis-ray from Dr. Finkleshitz and hypnotized Rosalina so she can be really in-love with him in "The Hypnosis Ray", despite already being married to Mario, and Super D himself is already in a relationship with Super Big D.
  6. His sudden LGBT twist in "Jeffy's Crayons", while entertaining and hilarious, comes completely out of nowhere, and it's completely pointless since he's straight again in the episode "The Hypnosis Ray".
  7. He no longer has a reason to actually want Rosalina anymore. At first, it might have made sense, as they hadn't seen each other for a while and he wanted to catch up, but now it just seems as if he's trying to steal Rosalina out of jealousy and for the sake of it, to the point of being a considerable simp.
  8. He's notably a liar, as on many occasions he will lie to seem cooler or get out of doing things. For example, in "Jeffy's Christmas Gift", he lies about having worked out too much to get out of lifting a Christmas tree, something that doesn't even take 10 seconds to do. He lies again in "The Hypnosis Ray", where he lies about wanting to fix Mario's power to hypnotize Rosalina.
  9. He blamed Mario for ruining Christmas in "Jeffy's Christmas Gift", making him look like a total villain, when he was the one doing the bad things, and Mario didn't even steal it, Chef Pee Pee did.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He's likable in "Bowser Junior's Pink Bib" and "Jeffy's Crayons".
  2. He gets his comeuppance in "Jeffy's Big Idea" when he's crushed by an enlarged Mario, and he also gets a comeuppance in "Jeffy's Christmas Gift", where he gets shot with a toy bullet and faints, and he gets comeuppance again in "The Hypnosis Ray" where he's hypnotized into thinking he has hemorrhoids.
    • He also got Karma in "Bowser Junior PINK bib" where The Chef throws a drink at him, causing him to get wet and fly away.
  3. The idea of a supervillain pretending to be a superhero is a good idea despite already being done in a lot of TV Shows and Movies.
  4. His LGBT twist in “Jeffy’s Crayons” was hilarious, even if it was out of character.


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