Sarah Harding (The Lost World: Jurassic Park)

Dr. Sarah Harding is a supporting character in the novel The Lost World as well as its film adaptation The Lost World: Jurassic Park.


In the film version, she's portrayed by Julianne Moore.

Why She Should've Been Killed By The Stegosaurs

Note: This will only apply to the movie version.

  1. She claims to be an expert at working with animals, but in reality it's the total opposite.
    1. She seriously thinks a bunch of genetically-recreated giant reptiles, many of whom are carnivorous, will behave the same way toward humans that most modern animals have been conditioned to do. (Plus, even modern animals attack humans when necessary.)
    2. She deliberately walked up to a young Stegosaurus and touched it within the Stegosaurus' parents' sight, which caused the adults to nearly kill her out of self-defense.
    3. Let the dinosaurs out of their cages, and caused a rampage.
    4. Kept a shirt that was soaked with a T. Rex's blood and assuming it would dry in the humidity, and ignoring Roland's warnings to her.
      1. Bonus points for her saying the dinos had a strong sense of smell. She's basically asking to get killed.
  2. She suffers a serious case of Adaptational Wimp and is super unfaithful to her character in the novel. Whereas her original literature counterpart was a total badass who survived being thrown into the water on the way to Isla Sorna, and later fed the person who threw her to the T. Rex, the film version couldn't be brave or fight to save her life.
  3. She doesn't serve any important role in the story and could be cut out with no difference.
  4. She's a total pain to the other characters, can't do fieldwork properly, and has no idea about consequences of her actions. Ironically, Dr. Richard Levine used to be in this position.
  5. Ian Malcolm was on Isla Sorna when the park broke down, so he would have more experience with the creatures than Sarah, but did she listen to his advice on how to handle things? No! She criticized him for being afraid of a dinosaur-filled island. Um... you nearly got yourself killed out there!
  6. Hypocrisy: She claimed that on the island, people should "Look, not interact", but the ironic part of this statement is that she says this right after what happened with the Stegosaurus, where she interacted with it and nearly got herself killed!

The Only Redeeming Quality

  1. As mention above at BQ#2, she is way better in the novel prior to adaptation.


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