Peter Griffin (seasons 8-present)

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Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin.png
"Remember what I always tell you, if I come home in the middle of the day and catch you i will eat you alive."
Gender: Male
Type: Fat Man
Age: 45
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Seth McFarland
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Family Guy

Peter Griffin is the titular main protangonist (and sometimes antagonist) of the Fox American animated sitcom Family Guy. However, he is not as nice a character as some may imagine in fact throughout the course of the series, Peter has caused much misery for those around himself and he's not immune to flanderization, which we'll be going through. So, bare with us, okay?

He is voiced by the Family Guy creator, Seth McFarland.

Why He Sucks Now

  1. Although not entirely villainous or evil, Peter is shown to be a stupid, rude, crude, moronic, short-tempered, immature, stubborn, selfish, reckless, egotistical, and argumentative person who causes misery to a great deal of people around him, rarely feels affectionate towards his children, especially Meg, and even with Lois, he has shown a great deal of disrespect towards, cheating on her on several occasions.
  2. Most of his time is spent with his drinking buddies, getting wasted and going wherever he wants, doing whatever they want, and costing thousands of dollars of damage with his drunken or sober tomfoolery. He has been willing to do much more for his friends than he has for his family as well.
  3. Another example of his negative aspects is how terrible of a husband he is to his wife, Lois. Peter almost always takes her for granted, despite him being considerably lucky to have her due to the fact that Lois was the daughter of a billionaire, is very attractive and has had the affection of several others around her who are arguably better people than Peter. There have been more than enough instances to show Peter has been cheating on Lois, such as when he admitted on television he knew the names of every pornographic star, even those who had joined an hour before, and has been openly shown to either have attractions for other women and former sexual partners during his marriage with Lois.
  4. He is also shown to be an absolutely manipulative, atrocious, and cheating father, demeaning, demoralizing, pranking and downright abusing his family, especially Meg. In fact, Peter actually left Meg behind when she was in mortal danger, saying that he and Lois had decided if they needed to leave a child behind, it would be Meg. Along with this, he openly admitted to everyone that he hated the kids, simply because they didn't do anything or weren't entertaining. However, there have been moments in other episodes where Peter has been there for his children, having good times with them, getting some laughs, and even taking them to fun amusement parks of parties.
  5. He has murdered several innocent people for no reason or second thought including children and elderly people, after he does this he usually laughs or forgets about it, and usually goes unpunished for this, except for the time he blew up a children's hospital he served a week in prison, though this was an accident he still expressed no remorse.
  6. Speaking of "Blowing up hospitals", he's also committed serval acts terrorism. Like that time he blew up another hospital while imitating the Joker. Or that time he blew up a bridge after he befriended a Islamic terrorist, which was another accident.
  7. He is frequently very cruel to animals such as when he killed Quagmire's cat with a straight razor in an attempt to shave it and when he eviscerated a whale with a forklift. Even Brian isn't safe from Peter's cruelty, as in one episode, Peter threw Brain into a fire hydrant with his car, causing him to lose his teeth.
  8. Like Homer Simpson, his stupidity has gone from being enjoyable into being annoying, and sometimes outright unlikable since Season 7.
  9. In one episode he had child pornography on his computer, which is illegal and a serious crime. He even went as far as throwing it into the ocean to prevent it's discovery.
  10. He once married his son, Chris, just for his money.
  11. When Brian called out Peter because he's done a lot of worse things than Brian, only just to be interrupted by Peter and acts like it's no big deal, it shows that Peter cannot handle or understand criticism.
  12. In "Lottery Fever", he shot Joe in the eye and Quagmire in the throat.
  13. In "Family Goy", he overreacted to Lois being Jewish. Proving that he's Anti Semitic.

HEY LOIS, Remember that time I did a fortnite dance with Sans and Big Chungus and Jeff Killer. HEHEHEHE

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In the earlier seasons of Family Guy, Peter was just a very charming dim-witted father that always meant well and was very affectionate to his children, including Meg. Which makes his flanderization much sadder.
  2. There are funny moments with him sometimes. Like this.
  3. At least he’s sometimes likable.
  4. In more recent seasons, he began reconciling with Meg, thus the abuse began to dial down.
    • His abuse of Meg stopped in "Peter's Sister" when his daughter saved him from losing by hitting her with a chair.
  5. Sometimes, he receives comeuppance for his sinful deeds.
  6. His abuse has stopped in later seasons.
  7. He can be seen bonding with his family.
  8. He has admitted on occasions that he does deeply love his family, he just doesn't show it like he should.
  9. He has done some heroic deeds, such as adopt Brian as a stray, saved his daughter, found a missing kid, etc.
  10. He hates whenever someone picks on his daughter, Meg.


  • He is very similar to Eric Cartman from South Park as they are both selfish, abusive, racist, misogynistic individuals who would kill anyone just for their own personal gain. However, Cartman usually does this more often and doesn't have any regrets.
    • Coincidentally, both are overweight.
  • In the Reception Family Wikis, he has been compared a lot by other users. Though most are nonsense.



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