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    Mr. and Mrs. Turner (The Fairly OddParents)

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    Mr. and Mrs. Turner are Timmy Turner's parents in The Fairly OddParents. They are both quite dimwitted and do not seem to give much attention to their son's well-being, to the point that they do not realize his babysitter, Vicky, is evil. Mrs. Turner is a mostly unsuccessful real estate woman and also a terrible gardener and cook, while Mr. Turner works at a company called Pencil Nexus and greatly despises his next-door neighbor and coworker, Sheldon Dinkleberg. Their first names remain unknown. They are voiced by Daran Norris and Susanne Blakeslee, who also voice Timmy's fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda. Daran Norris also played Timmy's dad in the live-action movies, while Timmy's mom was played in live-action by Teryl Rothery.

    In the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts, Mr. and Mrs. Turner were only visible from the neck down. When The Fairly OddParents became a regular show, their faces were shown, making them both visible in full-bodied form. The reason for this is because, according to series creator Butch Hartman, "it got tough to hide [their faces] all the time."

    Bad Qualities

    1. The way they're written and portrayed is now all over the place. They're supposed to be busy and clueless, yet lovable and supportive parents, yet most of the time portrayed as unfair, idiotic, neglectful, irresponsible, selfish, hypocritical, mean-spirited, and occasionally abusive parents. Examples include:
      • In "Scary Godparents", where they give away all of their son's video games, CD's, and birthday present money, just so they don't have to be tricked on Halloween.
      • In "That's Life!", where it is revealed that Mr. Turner neglected to take care of and feed Eddie, the family's pet gerbil, while Timmy was away at summer camp, which resulted in Eddie's death and they brush it off as Eddie being a "run-away" to avoid trouble. To make matters worse, Mr. Turner constantly blames his wife for his mistake.
      • In "Engine Blocked", where, after impulsively buying the Striker Z car from Vicky, Mr. Turner soon falls in love with said car and spends more time with the car than with his son, which resulted in his son wishing that he was the car itself in a desperate attempt to spend time with his dad anyways.
      • In "Pipe Down!", after realizing Timmy isn't good at playing charades and losing to the Dinklebergs, Mr. Turner enragedly yells at Timmy and sends him to his bedroom as punishment, which most likely shows he can't handle criticism or control his anger.
      • In "Timmy's 2-D House of Horror", they are instantly onboard with allowing Vicky and her family to move in with them, which shows that they will say "Yes" to anything, even if it's someone they do not know or needed a place to stay. Worse, even after Timmy wishes Vicky's house fixed, Mr. Turner re-destroys said house with a sledgehammer like a total maniac and later, they forcibly attach Timmy to a dog leash and made him sleep outside in Doidle's dog house out in the rain, because they let Vicky and Tootie sleep in Timmy's room instead.
      • In the infamous "It's a Wishful Life", after Timmy cleans their garden beautifully, they show no appreciation, shun his work, and it turns out that, as a lazy plot twist, they lost yet another contest to the Dinklebergs.
      • In "Open Wide and Say Aaagh!", after taking Timmy to the hospital to have his tonsils removed, they're seem clearly aware of what the surgery is and what it entails, yet brush it off once they get a trip to Hawaii for five nights free.
      • In "Vicky Gets Fired", when they clearly see the footage of their son being tortured by Vicky, they just brush it off, caring more about their reality tape instead. The only way they fired Vicky was when they found out that she erased their reality tape, and they fire her for that reason instead of her torturing their son. Yes, seriously.
      • In "Farm Pit", Mr. Turner idiotically thinks that Timmy is a scarecrow and that the actual scarecrow is Timmy, and he forces Timmy to do all the work at the farm while he lays around, while Mrs. Turner just lets this all happen.
    2. They spend more time with each other as a couple than they do with their son together as a family. For instance, it is revealed in the first TV film, "Abra-Catastrophe!", that two years ago (before the current timeline where Timmy is 10 and Vicky is 16), they tricked their son into having Vicky hired to babysit him anytime, allowing them to goof off and do whatever they want. However, then again, Timmy wouldn't have had fairies if his life went well.
    3. They are often overworked or busy or putting Timmy's needs after themselves while shooing him away whenever he needs or asks for their help.
    4. They are both easily duped by Vicky and other menacing characters in the show. They even show more favoritism towards them than their own son.
    5. Their relationship sometimes feels more like a mother and son than an actual husband and wife, as Mrs. Turner sometimes babysits her husband’s stupidity, with the biggest offender being "Certifiable Super Sitter".
    6. They never really develop past their stereotypes as the show progressed, even in the right moments, and were just left flanderized to becoming more idiotic and unlikable:
      • The cliché "Idiot Dad" trope, in particular, is way too overused on Mr. Turner, similar to characters like Homer Simpson in Seasons 11-31 of The Simpsons, Peter Griffin in Seasons 8-present of Family Guy.
      • Additionally, along with Mr. Crocker, he is pointlessly shoehorned in almost all of the episodes in the final two seasons of the series due to him being the creator's pet for cheap laughs. Seasons 7 and 8 had a similar problem but it had only worsened in seasons 9 and 10.
      • The running gag of Mr. Turner's hatred of Dinkleberg, while funny, can get old after a while. It doesn't help that the origins of his hatred of the Dinklebergs are left unexplored, even in the later seasons where he had increased focus.
      • Mr. Turner is often shown to be a rather weak and cowardly man, a fact which isn't helped by his high-pitched, girly screech, which also gets very annoying.
      • Mrs. Turner is a huge crybaby, as she often cries over things that aren't even a big deal whatsoever like when the Turners lost to the Dinklebergs in "Pipe Down!"
    7. Hardly do they ever apologize to Timmy or receive comeuppance for their actions and even when they do, it's not without it being played off for humor's sake.

    Good Qualities

    1. They still love and care for their son deep down, despite how they treat him.
    2. While not inherently perfect by any means, their characterizations were much better in the classic era of the series, including the Oh Yeah! Cartoons pilot shorts, where they appear to be more intelligent than they are in the proceeding green-lighted series.
      • Mr. Turner, in particular, especially when you compare his bumbling, yet goodhearted personality in the earlier seasons to his completely idiotic, childish personality in the later seasons.
    3. They are still decently portrayed in several episodes, even ones after the classic era, where they are shown to be responsible, competent, caring, helpful, and supportive parents.
    4. They do have their strengths on several occasions:
      • In Mr. Turner's case, he is shown to be a very strong and athletic man or several occasions. One time, he literally beat up a giant alligator. He occasionally shows knowledge of mechanics and engineering. For example, he once literally rebuilt a car. Another time, he converted his car into a working, milk powered giant robot. On another, he built a working submarine out of nothing other than bamboo, vines and what he salvaged from the wreck of his car. He also invented a computer made of junk: an old television screen and a heavy typewriter for the keyboard powered by Timmy's gerbil Eddie. He also built a crop duster from a pile of wood. He has also shown woodwork and craftsmanship skills building many buildings and dozens of large boats in an only a few hours out of nothing more than bamboo, wood and palm treetops, with tools he built out of the same resources, he has also shown to be a great scout master and survivalist as he has previously won over 300 awards for it.
      • In Mrs. Turner's case, she is more recently shown as a lot more competent when on her own and is now more positioned as the rational parent compared to Mr. Turner, especially in the later seasons. She is also the smarter of Timmy's parents. One time Timmy tried to trick her with a Timmybot-9000, however, she was not as easily fooled as her husband was, recognizing that the robot wasn't her son and destroyed it. While her cooking is usually described as bad, it was shown in "Food Fight" that despite its looks, it actually tastes good. Mrs. Turner is shown to be very talented in various points in the series. She is a capable scout leader in the Sugar Cream Puffs as she has earned many badges and is capable of crafting wilderness survival items, as shown in "Who's Your Daddy?", although like Mr. Turner, she too led her scout group into danger in "Squirrely Puffs" after she became annoyed by the singing animals. In "Momnipresent", it is revealed that she used to work for the CIA but was actually a double agent for Russia and her code name was "Timmy's Mom-a-vich". Despite this, she is hired to work for them again in "Viral Vidiots".
    5. They did end up paying for their neglectful parenting in "Poltergeeks" when they ended up getting hospitalized and lost the money they got from their ghost-catching.
    6. For all their faults as parents, they at least don't abuse each other.


    • Mr. Turner's lines, "Dinkleberg!" and "And this is where I'd keep my trophy, IF I HAD ONE!" have become internet memes.


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