Mint (Object Terror)

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"Stinky Socks."
Mint, Object Terror
Mint (Object Terror)
He's a stinky sock indeed, all right.
Gender: Male
Type: Weird and Random Contestant
Species: Breath Mint
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Object Terror

Mint is a male contestant from the infamous critically panned Object Show called Object Terror. He is a breath mint who originally had a unibrow on his forehead but shaved it off after the episode "P to the Fourth", and is a scientist.

Why He's A Stinky Sock

  1. His puns about "Stinky Socks" is unfunny and gross. In addition, he gets obsessed with them.
  2. His friendship with Arch is terrible, for example, they don't get close to each other.
  3. He is a poorly written random character.
  4. He may be pretty idiotic for sometime.
  5. Three Words: His original design. It looks so laughably (figuratively and literally) hideous (the result of him having a sentient unibrow on his forehead), to the point where Mint shaved them off after the episode "P to the Fourth".
  6. His voice including his character is annoying. Not all annoying Object Show characters have voices like that.
  7. He was more annoying in the second episode of Object Terror, making his character worse.
  8. Like Taco from Inanimate Insanity, he blurts random words out of his mouth.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. He got himself some character development, unlike his best friend Arch.
  2. His design looks good, but not with his unibrow.
  3. He can be admittedly hilarious, depending on your view.
  4. He at least has a clear personality, unlike most early Object Show characters.


  • In one episode, it is revealed that he is a scientist.