Marty Howard (iCarly)

Marty Howard (iCarly)
"I am here because I believe in punishment and discipline, and I hate you all."
Gender: Male
Type: Horrible Teacher
Age: 60-65
Species: Human
Portrayed by: David St. James
Status: Alive
Media of origin: iCarly

Marty Howard, commonly known as Mr. Howard, is a teacher at Ridgeway High School, and a recurring character in the Nickelodeon series, the original 2007-2012 iCarly.

iWhy He Intentionally Should Be Fired

  1. He's a grouchy old man who hates children for practically no reason.
  2. He even hates his own wife and is seen to be dating Mrs. Briggs, making him an adulterer.
  3. He can be viewed as delusional. In the episode iMust Have Locker 239, where at the end of the episode, he believes Freddie destroyed locker 239, when it was actually Sam's mother who destroyed the locker, crashing through the wall.
  4. He constantly taunts Freddie in annoying ways.
  5. Much like Denzel Crocker and many more, he never gets fired from his teaching job for everything he's done.
  6. He and Mrs. Briggs became co-principals after Principal Franklin was fired (though they were fired).
  7. He has no personality other than being a mean and grumpy teacher.

iRedeeming Qualities

  1. He has toned down his personality considerably as the series progresses, even having a reasonably respectful conversation with Steven and Carly in "iParty with Victorious", though he is still mean.
  2. He is generally meant to be disliked anyway.
  3. David St. James does an awesome job portraying Marty.


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