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The Loathsome Characters Wiki is a wiki that's been dedicated to characters who are considered loathsome due to various reasons, such as being annoying, acting much younger than they actually are, being bland and boring, and more! It has been housing 977 articles and counting since its creation in June 2018. LCW encourages users to create or edit pages, so we can all work together to create a database about infamous fictional characters.

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The Loathsome Characters Wiki might be a place for fun, but before getting started, please take some time to read our rules and abide by them. For editing help, see Wikipedia's article to get knowledge about editing in the wiki environment. Then, you can lend us a hand with these:

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Tex Arkana Sr. (also known as Big Tex Arkana or simply Big Tex) is one of the five antagonists in the Netflix stop-motion series Buddy Thunderstruck. He is the father of Buddy's rival, Tex Jr. and owner of the Gold Brick Pawnshop. His plan is to let Buddy lose a truck race and sell Thunderstruck Trucking by thinking up ways to make his son win, even if it means to cheat.

He is voiced by Harry Chaskin.


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I am currently working on a new main page design for the Charactapedia Wikis as part of their 5th anniversary. This main page resembles the designs of FANDOM main pages, and will keep the table of characters. Additionally, the "Helping Out" section has been revamped, and a new section, titled "News", has been added. - ShawnTehLogoBoi (talk) 03:31, 15 December 2022 (UTC)


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Recent Blogs
I think Zeta from Shimmer and Shine should be here, and for this reasons
Hi everybody, I'm back after long time ago. Well, I decided to write another blog, this time for a possible character sugesstion here. It's about Zeta, the antagonist of the CGI-era of Shimmer and Shine. Why I suggest a page about her? Well, listen carefully, maybe this is rage-inducing. In (at. . . more
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Here are some more forbidden pages to add on the rules of this wiki.
1. DO NOT MAKE THESE PAGES OF: Any Minecraft mobs/entities: Minecraft mobs are not meant to look or act like characters and they don't have a full personality. Exceptions are if they are characters from Minecraft Story Mode. Any OC counterparts of users on Youtube, Instagram, or Scratch: They are. . . more
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The Chocolix
since Terrible Shows and Episodes Wiki is down, i decided to write a blog about a Nick Jr TV show that is disliked by some people. The Chocolix is a Brazilian animated television series that premiered on Nick Jr. on September 18th 2018, created by Jacqueline Shor. The 4th season of the show is. . . more
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Teen Titans (Teen Titans Go!) if it was written by me.

ArticleLists/25 "T-O-D-D-L-E-R! T-I-T-A-N-S! Toddler Titans! They should stop!" Gender: Male, Female Type: Xenophobic CrybabiesSadistic Childhood RuinersLaw-breaking JerkwadsAnnoying idiots Age: 16 to 19 Species: Demanding LoudmouthAnnoying Giraffe-Neck RobotImmature. . . more
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Miss Frankie from Solar Opposites should have a page here
I think that the character of Miss Frankie from the show, Solar Opposites should have a page here. I am arguing for this because she is a terrible person who has done several bad things. In “The Apple Pencil Pro”, she tortured a pig and framed an alien family of four for it to get back at them. . . more
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What Other Minecraft : Story Mode Characters Should Join?
Deserves a Page - Radar: A generally annoying fanboy that doesn't massively change over the course of the story. (Prison Radar is a persona, not a source of development) - Stella: An annoying, unnecessary character that forces a rivalry onto Jesse and treats Lluna terribly. - The Youtubers: What. . . more
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About Brainy Smurf
Can Brainy have a Bad Characters Considered Good catergory? Also, can he at least have a Great Characters wiki article to share?. . . more
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An important announcement to make
Okay, so it's come to my attention that prominent admins such as ShawnTehLogoBoi and Suppai have been missing from both of the Characters Wikis for nearly a month. The reason why Suppai is currently gone is that he wants to take care of his mental health, I would know that since he actually told me. . . more
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Johnny Test (character)if it was written by Matthew Davis

Based on Johnny Test (2005, seasons 4-6) but if it was a hate page. Johnny Test (AKA the biggest cry baby ever !) "HmM, WhErE HaVe I SeEn ThIs BeFoRe????"SHUT THE FUCK UP JOHNNY TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gender: Male (Or possibly a transgender girl due to how much he acts like. . . more
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Can we add Star Butterfly on the sister wiki and this wiki?
Because she really needs an article.. . . more
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I'm probably going to make the Half-Baked examples list
Last month Suppai was talking about moving the examples from my Half-Baked Redemptions list to a separate page. I am open-minded about the idea but it looks like Suppai hasn't contributed anything since April 16. So since no progress of the list has been made, I am considering making the examples. . . more
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Is Sakura Haruno a Karma Houdini?
I'm very sure she is.. . . more
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A wiki is in serious danger
I know this is a bit off-topic for this wiki, but there's a very important issue I wanna bring up: I'm on another wiki-hosting site called ShoutWiki, which similar to sites like Miraheze and Fandom, and there's this wiki I've been contributing to lately called Weirdcyclopedia, which is a wiki that. . . more
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Can someone restore page?
Goombas. . . more
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Can we add Hungry Lumas on the sister wiki?
As we have a page on the Lumas, Lumalees, and the Lumalee, then there should be a page on Hungry Lumas? I think it could work.. . . more
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Can RandomGuy be unblocked on this wiki?
Because he could improve, and I am giving him the benefits of the doubt. Comments. . . more
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Caillou (character) but if it was written by GoAnimate Boris

Based on Caillou (character) but written as a hate page. Caillou (why did Doris choose that name? sounds like a derpy anime ripoff now that I think about it) OHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOH CAILLOU, YOU ARE GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED GROUNDED FOR. . . more
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What other Psychonauts characters deserve a page here?
I've already created a page on the interns, what other characters deserve a page here? *Note, none of the Aquato family members get any, due to lack of focus and development on them. I have a short list of considerations on the characters - Hollis Forsythe - Kitty and Franke Any other. . . more
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Should we change Chris McLean
Was he good enough in the 2023 reboot to have his persona on the sister wiki, or does his dread continue on? Also someone add Ripper on this wiki.. . . more
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Can we add the Mario enemies on the sister wiki?
Goombas, Koopa Troopas, Piranha Plants, Boos, Thwomps, Spinies, Lakitus, Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, etc should be added on the sister wiki.. . . more
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Can someone please restore this page?
https://loathsomecharacters.miraheze.org/wiki/Spider-Man_(James_Cameron%27s_Spider-Man) Because of the fact that I was not happy, and it does not help by the fact that I ughed myself when I found out the page was deleted.. . . more
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Rini (Sailor Moon R, S and SuperS, DiC/Cloverway Dub)

{{ Rini It's not as much of a good idea to make Chibiusa/Rini more bratty to the point where she's actually unlikable. Gender: Female Type: Obnoxious Bratty Arrogant Small LadyThe Annoying Side of Chibiusa Age: 5-7 Portrayed by: Tracy Hoyt (DiC dub)Stephanie Beard. . . more
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Who is worse in Love Is Blind?
Cole Barnett or Zanab Jeffrey? If people on reality shows were allowed, then I would add these two on the wiki.. . . more
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To SuperStreetKombat on the sister wiki
Ok, to be honest about the comment six hours ago, I was in a great huff. I've actually come to realize that's I reacted way to harshly about this, and for that, I am greatly sorry to all of you.. . . more
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Can Foreman Spike be added on the sister wiki?
Because he's a villainous worker in a good way, is a very memorable character, and is making a comeback. I could make an article on him when The Super Mario Bros. Movie releases.. . . more
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