Light Turner (Netflix's Death Note)

Light Turner (Netflix's Death Note)
Light Turner.jpg
This "Light" whose last name is written in this notebook shall die.
Gender: Male
Type: Badly adapted protagonist, Unpopular Bullied Student.
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Nat Wolff
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Death Note

Light Turner is the main protagonist villain of the Netflix film, Death Note, adapted from the manga of the same name. He is the American reimagining of the protagonist Light Yagami.

Why He Sucks

  1. For starters, Light Turner, the American reimagining of Light Yagami is a dull protagonist and lacks the charisma of his original counterpart while being viciously bullied outside of school
  2. This version of Light actually comes across as more unhinged than the original as his first kill is so brutal and so petty (he has a cartoonishly stereotypical school bully named Kenny Doyle get gruesomely decapitated by a ladder as revenge for hitting him while he was stealing another student’s things). Light Yagami's first kill was when he had no beliefs the Death Note would actually do anything (as he had not yet met Ryuk) and was an actual criminal holding women and children hostage, who he caused to die from a heart attack.
  3. His reaction to Ryuk is like an attempt at slapstick comedy as he screams and repeatedly falls over.
  4. He is just another nerdy unpopular bullied student while his Japanese counterpart was a smarter student.
  5. Because his first kill is so brutal and petty compared to his anime/manga counterpart, he actually comes across as more unhinged than the original. In the anime/manga his first kill is when he doesn't believe the Death Note is real and was an actual criminal holding people hostage.
  6. He does stupid things like take the Death Note to school and read it in public with little attempt to conceal it. Even when L is after him, he continues to talk about how he is Kira in public places and on the phone. He even admits he's the killer to L.
  7. He does most of his killing to impress Mia Sutton, heavily weakening his character.
  8. Many of his darker character traits were given to Mia Sutton in an attempt to make him unambiguously good.
  9. Light claims that Watari's death is a "dealer's choice" because he hasn't written any specific circumstances, despite the film showing rule 16 (which includes part of the original rule 1) which states that if no cause of death is specified the victim will die of a heart attack. This is part of a series of plot contrivances to make it so Watari's death is not Light's fault.


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