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    Leonard (Total Drama)

    "Magic boots and armpit smell, bring forth a time reversal spell!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Delusional and Annoying Wannabe Wizard
    Age: 16 (Pahkitew Island and The Ridonculous Race)
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Clé Bennett
    Media of origin: Total Drama

    Leonard is one of the contestants of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. He was also a competitor on Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race as a member of The LARPers, with Tammy. He’s a role player who thinks he’s an actual wizard.

    Why He's No "Wizard"

    1. He is very annoying and delusional, since he thinks he is a wizard and his magic is real, which is obviously not true.
    2. Thanks to his annoying and delusional traits, he hinders his team very much and isn’t useful at all.
    3. He annoys most of his team, especially Dave, as he frustrates Dave greatly due to his delusions.
    4. In the first episode, when he got a parachute pack with no actual parachute, he tried to cast a wings spell, but since his magic is not real, it would have most likely doomed him if not for Jasmine saving him.
    5. In the same episode, he tried to cast a spell to slow Chef down, but it only led to him getting pummeled with tennis balls.
    6. Also, he suggested building a wizard tower, which was stupid, especially since when they build it, it was useless and also unbalanced, as it quickly collapsed when the stampeding moose came by. Not to mention, he tried to cast a force field spell, but he was only safe due to the rocks not falling on him.
    7. In the next episode, he told his wizard stories to have people believe he’s a wizard, but he’s actually not.
    8. That same episode is where he ultimately cost his team the challenge, as he tried to use a levitating spell to send the pig over the wall instead of picking it up and climbing over the wall.
    9. When he got eliminated, he tried to cast a time reversal spell, and some effects spells, which didn’t work since magic wasn’t real.
    10. He returns in The Ridonculous Race, and he’s just as annoying and delusional as he was in Total Drama.
    11. Not helping the fact that he only has one partner this time, and his partner, Tammy, is just as annoying and delusional as he is.
    12. He tries to show a cloaking spell to Owen, but since his Magic’s not real, it freaks Owen out.
    13. He and Tammy both get on Flight #3 in the first challenge because of their slowness, which makes us wonder, why was it a good idea to bring him back?
    14. He uses dragon coins as payment for anything, instead of real money, as revealed when he tried to pay a taxi driver with it.
    15. He tried to cast a chaos barrier to slow down the other teams, which didn’t work since magic isn’t real, and that’s what cost him and Tammy the race.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Passable character design, and his wizard costume is also passable.
    2. Clé Bennett did a decent job voicing him.
    3. He’s at least a good role player in the wizards games, even if he’s delusional that wizards and magic are real.
    4. His wizard stories could be seen as funny.
    5. He’s at least a nice guy, seeing as he befriended Sugar, Ella, and his "wizard" partner Tammy. And also, he and Tammy cheered on the final two teams in The Ridonculous Race finale, being the peanut gallery.
    6. While not the best pick, it was nice to see him as a Pahkitew Island representative for Total Drama: The Ridonculous Race.
    7. He's a good person overall despite his annoying traits, as he does have good intentions.
    8. "Ah nuts."


    • Leonard is the only contestant from Total Drama: Pahkitew Island' to compete in Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race.



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