Kikyo (Inuyasha)

Kikyo is a supporting character of the anime Inuyasha. She died believing Inuyasha betrayed her but was later revived.


Why She Sucks

  1. She has no purpose of existing other than making the romance between Inuyasha and Kagome more complicated, there’s plenty of better ways that this could have been done.
  2. Her moves can also be pretty predictable and boring to watch.
  3. She does not have exactly great character development.
  4. She doesn’t contribute that much to the anime either.
  5. After she was brought back to life, she was still hateful and spiteful towards Inuyasha without taking into consideration that it was a misunderstanding by Naraku which can make her come off as ""extremely"" unlikeable.
  6. She stole souls from the departed in to keep her body to function after Kagome was giving half of her soul just for the sake of her having a purpose to exist. In fact, instead of just existing in order to making the romance between Inuyasha and Kagome more complicated, she exist for claiming that she can kill Naraku by herself, something she failed to succeed in the end since she ends up dying near the end of the series.
  7. As said in WSS#6, she stole souls in order to keep her body from not dying just for the reason to of her selfish wish to get together for Inuyasha.
  8. Idiot Move: When Inuyasha betrayed her and she was in great pain, she screams that she hates Inuyasha and does not scream for help. If she did scream for help, she could have still been alive and none of that could’ve happened.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Despite not exactly having great character development, she does have a fair amount of it.
  2. She is a very relatable character to others. All she really wanted was to be a normal woman, but unfortunately for her that didn’t happen and she never had a chance.
  3. Her design is beautiful to look at.
  4. Kikyo’s English voice actress, Willow Johnson, does a great job voicing her. Noriko Hidaka, her Japanese voice actress, does a great job at voicing her as well.
  5. Her death is sad as she shares one final kiss with Inuyasha right before she dies.


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