Kenichi Saruyama

Kenichi Saruyama is a supporting character of To Love-Ru. He is the perverted best friend and school mate of Rito. He has known him since junior high and is more open and obvious of his obsession with girls and is one of the few male characters Rito can talk to about his situations involving Haruna or Lala. He is aware of Rito's feelings for Haruna and consistently advises he get together with her. Saruyama reveals that he has a crush on a girl named Riko Yūsaki, but does not realize she is actually Rito, who is accidentally transformed into a girl by one of Lala's bizarre inventions.

Worst best friend, ever in a harem series.

Being one of the few significant male characters of the series, Saruyama's role is generally that of a luckless loser who desires but never gets a girl, and an underdog to the more popular male protagonist.

Why He Sucks:

  1. He's an unfunny comic relief despite being Rito's best friend, he is very even more annoying and perverted than the Principal.
  2. He is no less of a pervert and a loser around the girls.
  3. He is even more annoying than Rito.
  4. He is a terrible boyfriend.
  5. He is very unlikeable and gets a lot of screen-time.
  6. He is a terrible friend of Rito.
  7. He has a crush on Riko Yusaki and is never aware that she is actually Rito, his friend.
  8. He is a butt of jokes just like his school principal.
  9. He even has more obvious obsessions of girls.
  10. He has no character development.
  11. He is not even supportive and served no purpose to the greater narrative.
  12. He goes into ridiculous situations compared to Rito.
  13. He is like your unpopular student who likes to grope girls.
  14. Despite being unlikeable, he gets a lot of screentime.
  15. He is at his lowest point in Saruyama, The Gift, and Saruyama's Tales Of The Inner Chambers.

The Only 3 Redeeming Qualities:

  1. His voice acting is good.
  2. He sometimes doesn't bother other girls.
  3. He is still a nice friend to Rito, but sometimes doesn't annoy him.