Joseph Hisfriendfromschool (SML)

Joseph Hisfriendfromschool (SML)
"I'm outta here, dude!"
Gender: Male
Type: Egotistical Friend
Obnoxious Yes-man
Age: 14
Species: Koopa Paratroopa (formerly Koopa Troopa)
Human (Puppet videos)
Portrayed by: Lovell Stanton
Status: Alive
Media of origin: SuperMarioLogan

Joseph Hisfriendfromschool is one of the main characters of SuperMarioLogan. He is the tritagonist in most Bowser Junior videos and is seen in other videos, most notably certain Jeffy videos.

"I'm Outta Here, Dude!" Qualities

  1. He is very egotistic, arrogant, greedy, annoying, whiny, rude, disgusting, and obnoxious, as he seems to brag that he's better than everybody. Most of his screen time is either him being a less funny Junior clone, trying to act cool or obsessing over sports. He also seems to resemble Kenny McCormick's ways of being poor as well as dying and coming back. The only difference is that Kenny is actually likable.
  2. Despite working well as part of Junior's friend trio, unlike Junior and Cody he does not hold up as a character on his own, mostly because his character is rather basic and clearly more specialized towards being "Junior and Cody's friend".
    • Even the series itself pokes fun at this, with his last name being "Hisfriendfromschool" of all things.
  3. Like Junior, he's a huge bully to his friends, especially Cody. He would yell at Cody about Ken being a doll and in Cody's Handcuffs, he admitted that he's tired of Cody and Ken, so Junior throws Ken behind the couch. He also makes fun of Cody's mom with Junior. Although rare, he is sometimes mean to Junior too.
  4. As mentioned above, much of his screen time consists of him copying Junior's opinions and traits and basically being his yes man, albeit usually without Junior's charm or wit. In some videos, whenever Junior acts like he's smarter than Cody, Joseph agrees to everything Junior says and takes his side, regardless of whether Junior's argument has any reasonable basis behind it (which usually it doesn't).
  5. He's very stupid just like Junior. In fact, his stupidity rivals Jeffy and Black Yoshi's on their worst days.
  6. Whenever something bad happens, he would often run away and say "I'm outta here, dude!", which gets pretty annoying really fast.
  7. Joseph is just another mean popular boy stereotype. He also acts like an Alpha Bastard too.
  8. As of 2021 he rarely has any significant effect on the plot of videos he appears in, and seems to pretty much only be used as filler. In other words, that would consider his appearance in each SML video pointless.
    • Though even before 2021, there are quite a lot of videos where despite appearing through most of their runtime, Joseph could be removed from them and the video wouldn't change in any meaningful way, which speaks volumes to how unessential he can be.
  9. Like Junior, he has done his fair share of horrible things; '
    • 'Bowser Junior's Prank Gone Wrong for example, he and Junior blew an air horn in Chef Pee Pee's ear, making him deaf and they even use that problem to insult him.
    • In Joseph the Hero and Joseph the Millionaire, he infamously acts like an ungrateful jerk to Richard and Chives for not getting what he wants, which is the main source of criticism for both episodes.
    • Arguably his worst appearance in the series is in Cody's Bad Word, where he acts like a cruel jerk to Cody and even gets Junior to side with him. The catalyst for this is Cody saying "n word". Not even the actual word, but "n-word", which becomes dumber considering that isn't even what Cody said (he said "inward").
  10. Starting with the episode "Flushed Away", he has developed a foot fetish for no reason other than for gross out humor.
  11. Newer videos have also showed him starting to act more psychotic. In "Jeffy Goes to Juvie", he tries to drill into Cody's skull and happily laughs at Cody for no reason, and In "The Frog", he throws a knife at Cody's eye, also for no reason, which the former would've gotten Cody killed. Even Junior of all people was horrified at Joseph drilling into Cody's skull and throwing a knife at Cody's eye.
  12. Since the series' transition to using Human Puppets, his whole character became the subject of tedious race-related jokes, whether it involves someone, mostly Brooklyn T. Guy, acting racist towards Joseph or Joseph assuming everything around him is racist. In fact, since "Chicken Pox!", there is this extremely annoying gag where every time someone says a sentence that happens to have words "dark" or "black" in it, Joseph would mistakenly assume they were saying something racist and would go on a rant.
    • As of Jeffy's Car Wash, he uses his race to get out of doing work and helping out others, making him somewhat racist himself and also showing how he treats his friends like slaves.

"He's a doll, Dude!" Qualities

  1. For all his faults he is still an integral part of the Junior and friends videos and shares great chemistry with Junior and Cody. The Junior videos wouldn't be as great as they are without him.
    • Despite being Junior's yes-man most of the time, he's still a good friend to Junior and he's often willing to help him out with his problems when he needs to.
  2. He can be likable in some episodes, for example, he is likable in Bowser Junior's Punishment.
  3. He's got some funny moments here and there, along with some memorable quotes like "Yeah, dude!" "I'm outta here, dudes!" "He's a doll, dude!" and "I get half!".
  4. In general he's not truly a terrible character, just flat and underdeveloped and overly specialized more than anything else.
  5. With a few exceptions, he tends to be more interesting when he is the primary focus of a video (ex: "Joseph's House" and "Joseph Moves In")
  6. He has a dark and surprisingly compelling backstory involving him growing up in an abusive household, supposedly losing both his parents and being left alone with deteriorating state of mind in a run down trailer park for years.
    • In fact, this backstory alone could easily have provided a great framework in order to build a more interesting personality for Joseph based on how this has affected him, but unfortunately the most it usually amounts to is cheap jokes poking fun at him.
  7. Lovell Stanton does a good job at voicing him.
    • When Joseph was introduced as a five-year-old, his initial voice was good at reflecting his initial kid-like attitude.
  8. In Joseph's New Shell!, he gets a new shell which doesn't look too bad. His human puppet is also one of the better ones as it mostly fits his character.
  9. He is right about Ken being a doll.


  • Joseph was similar to Kenny McCormick from South Park in the older videos as both were poor and they died the most out of the others.
    • Joseph’s similarity to Kenny ended as of Joseph the Millionaire and his red shell arrival due to Kenny still being poor but he has stopped dying almost every time.
  • Joseph is not actually poor. He is really rich and wealthy as revealed in Joseph the Millionaire!. He keeps this a secret so nobody can touch his stuff or only like him for his money.
  • Joseph has a speech impediment.


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