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Joe is one of the main characters of Blue's Clues. He replaced Steve as the host of the show in Season 5.

He is portrayed by Donovan Patton.

Bad Qualities

  1. He does nonsensical and confusing things like changing his shirt in every episode for no apparent reason.
    • Despite always wearing a square patterned shirt, the shirt varies in color from episode to episode; most of the time, his shirt is orange or green.
    • It's never explained why he constantly changes shirts when his brother Steve never did. He just does.
  2. It's kind of strange that he isn't named after his actor (Donovan Patton) unlike Steve, who is named after his actor Steve Burns.
  3. In some later Season 5 episodes and throughout Season 6, he stopped drawing the clues and figuring out the answer to Blue's Clues while he was in the Thinking Chair. Instead, the clues instead magically drew themselves, became sentient, and did most of Joe's work.
    • Speaking of the sentient clues, they are an annoying and useless addition to the show. They were only created for the show's crew to save time and nothing more. They also sped up the pacing of later Blue's Clues episodes and made them feel more rushed.
  4. He fed Blue chocolate in three episodes ("The Snack Chart", "Scavenger Hunt", and "Soccer Practice"), despite the fact that chocolate is poisonous to dogs in real life.
  5. He's less serious of a host than Steve was.
  6. He acts more goofy and sitcom-like than Steve did, especially while he's in the middle of playing Blue's Clues.
  7. His acting/dialogue can feel rushed.
    • In Season 6 of Blue's Clues, for instance, he discusses all three paw prints at once during the Blue's Clues Theme Song rather than discussing each line individually.
  8. His goodbye song, used in the sixth and final season, is poorly written.
  9. He almost has the exact same character as his brother Steve. The only differences between him and Steve are that he's goofier, he loves ducks, and he wears a square patterned shirt he changes in every episode.
  10. Unlike Steve, Joe's humor lacks comic timing and tends to fall flat as such.
  11. He acts pretty immature.
  12. In the Blue's Room episode "Knights of the Snack Table", he cried over losing his dragons.
  13. In "Legend of the Blue Puppy", he believes that Blue being able to talk was what she wished for and that it was a good wish, despite us being able to understand her barking just fine.
    • Despite being well into his adulthood, he has a stuffed duck named Boris who he plays with. His friendship with Boris is also less charming than Ernie from Sesame Street's friendship with his rubber ducky.

Good Qualities

  1. At least he saved Blue's Clues from ending too early.
  2. He redeemed himself in Blue's Clues & You!, as well as in Joe's Scrapbook and the Noggin Story Time segment "Socks for Stan". He can also sometimes be likable in Blue's Clues itself, such as in the episodes "100th Episode Celebration" and "Blue's First Holiday".




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