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    Henry Danger (seasons 1-3)

    Henry Danger (seasons 1-3)
    "Feels good!" Yeah right...
    Gender: Male
    Type: Clichéd Protagonist
    Age: 13-14 (season 1)
    14-15 (season 2)
    15-16 (season 3)
    16 (season 4)
    17-18 (season 5)
    Portrayed by: Jace Norman
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Henry Danger

    Henry Hart, also known as Kid Danger is the titular protagonist of the show Henry Danger and a reccuring character in its sequel, Danger Force.

    Not-So-Good Qualities

    1. Even after adulthood, he acts as if he is still a little kid.
      • Speaking of that, why is he still called Kid Danger, when he should be called Teen Danger or Adult Danger.
    2. He is a very bland and clichéd main protagonist.
    3. His jokes are mostly unfunny.
    4. He does terrible things, for example causing his own father to lose his job, yet showing no remorse and laughing about it, but he is still treated as a hero.
      • He and Ray/Captain Man often act like villains (or better yet, anti-heroes) when they're supposed to be superheroes. An example is in "Brawl in the Hall", where they rob a bank and frame a bully for it that Charlotte is supposed to fight against. Another two examples are in "Trouble With Frittles" and "Henry's Frittle Problem", where Captain Man and Kid Danger blow up two Frittle chip factories in two different ways, causing Jack Frittleman to get revenge on them in "Escape Room".
    5. He suffered character derailment, and does not receive proper character development most of the time.
    6. While his lack of care for his sister Piper is justifly, he doesn't correct her when she does something wrong.

    Good Qualities

    1. He is more mature and likable in the third season.
    2. He does have some funny moments.
    3. He can be tolerable and mature at times, such as the times he prevents Captain Man from doing stupid things.
    4. Jace Norman portrayed him pretty well.
    5. Jace Norman has the looks
    6. He massively improved in seasons 4-5.


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