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    Gus Turner
    Gus Main Page.png
    "Yo, that's The G-Man to you!"
    Gender: Male
    Type: Tommy’s Idiotic Repetitive Annoying Chubby "Friend"
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Rupert Degas
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: RobotBoy

    Augustus "Gus" Turner is a character from the British animated series RobotBoy. He is a chubby, self-centered red-headed boy who is Tommy's best friend. He also comes from an Amish family, but despite being so, is obsessed with technology and food. He was voiced by Rupert Degas.

    Why He Ain't No G-Man

    1. He's an annoying, irresponsible, and insensitive boy who only wants to get his way by taking advantage of his "friends".
    2. He is the self-proclaimed leader of his friends' group who only cares about himself.
    3. He is just another pointless comic relief character who is obsessed with food or tells the most boring jokes.
    4. His attitude often ticks off people, even with his friends. For example, he made RobotGirl cry in one episode, another sign of him being divisive.
    5. His voice is VERY annoying and sounds like Eric Cartman from South Park if he was drugged.
    6. Some of his decisions caused more problems and even endanger people. For example, in "RoboGus and G-Machine", he abuses RobotBoy's powers when he is in his body, and he ends up hurting others and even burning off a bully's pants on the butt.
    7. He provides a lot of gross-out and toilet humor, such as repeatedly vomiting and farting. The episode "Journey to the Center of Gus" really shows this off a lot.
    8. He is very greedy, mostly for food and attention.
    9. The writers tend to have him steal screentime from other characters, and Lola gets the worst of this.
    10. Somehow, despite coming from an Amish family, he is the opposite of it, which can come off as confusing.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Deep down, he's still Tommy's best friend and cares about him.
    2. At least compared to Tommy's bully brother (Donnie Turnbull), he at least doesn't intend to be malicious or cruel and is rather just obnoxious.
    3. He's not without his decent/likable moments.
    4. His design is pretty decent for the most part.
    5. The moments when he gets called "Goose" can be funny.
    6. He also has Butt-Monkey status, so he actually gets what he deserves in most cases.


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