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|Picture = Gale hero new.jpg
|Quote = "Honey, I'm golden. As long as you make me feel like a million dollars."
|Gender = Female
|Type = Bad Dark Princess Bird
|Age =
|Species = Bird
|Portrayed by =
|Status = Alive
|Series = Angry Birds Stella Toons
'''Gale''' is the main antagonist of the internet show based off on the game after it was successful. She is a violet-backed starling.
==Why She Sucks==
# She is yet another Stacy who enjoys treating others poorly.
# She is a lazy, generic antagonist and does boring things that not many people are interested in.
# She hardly shows any appreciation towards the pigs.
# Sometimes, she can get more unlikable at times, like that time she broke Artist Pig’s brush just because his paintings are crappy, and the fact she constantly wants her servants to get the Golden Egg.
#*She also threw a pie that Chef Pig (Angry Birds Stella) made because of the taste
# She serves no purpose other than being bland, stereotypical, and obsessed with gold.
#The pigs did not argue with her, meaning that she gets no comeuppance whatsoever.
# She is always worse than King Pig, and yet, she's somewhat almost irredeemable.
==Redeeming Qualities==
# At least she isn’t always stereotypical.
# She was at least better in the games since she wasn’t lazy.
# Sometimes, she is likable.
#She has good intentions.
#She redeemed herself after she was frozen from the golden egg
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