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They're same characters, but not the same as they were before :(
Here's a meme about SpongeBob's flanderization. (Art / meme by Roro102900)
This isn't the the Can-Do Crew that you all know and love…

Flanderization, also known as Out Of Character (OOC) and Character Butchery (real element) is a trope that refers to the act of taking a single trait from a character and exaggerating and amplifying it more and more over time until it completely consumes the character. Most always, the trait/action becomes completely outlandish and it becomes their defining characteristic. Sitcoms and other comedy shows are usually the ones to suffer from this, due to the writers doing anything they can to get a cheap laugh from the audience, even if it means sacrificing a character's personality. Games and movies are at risk as well. Either there are out-of-character personalities that are counted as against the characters we know and love, or there are personalities that will make you have no choice but to lose all of the respect you had for the characters.

Although, Flanderization doesn't always make the characters turn out awful. Sometimes Flanderization can make them funnier and likable. It depends on how the character is flanderized. This good side of Flanderization is most noticeable in Thor from the MCU, who became a less serious and more badass hero.

Flanderization is especially common amongst works where the creator is not involved, with their replacement not understanding the nuances of the characters and what made them so good in the first place, even if the lore was explained to them or had seen the series when the creator was involved. New writers as well may screw up the characters. One major example was SpongeBob Squarepants because starting around Season 6, the new writers basically goofed up everything that made SpongeBob- well, SpongeBob. And soon enough, the characters fell down the drain with the series going downhill. Another example includes Family Guy, as around the time it was cancelled and came back, it only got and made characters more cruder. It is also extremely common in fanfiction for similar reasons no matter how devoted a fan is.

The Simpsons, being the series that spawned this trope's very name, has this almost across the board. Over time, the series has, in many ways, become a symbol of this trope in its purest form.

In the topic of Flanderization, the American animated sitcom King of the Hill is a notable example of a series that used flanderization. This series is known for giving flatter characters new aspects, then focusing on them, thus creating the sense of flanderization at the same time as they get character development.

Flanderization is to not be confused with character derailment, in which it involves a character's trait(s) being vastly different compared to what was previously shown.

Most flanderized characters can fall into basically all other bad character tropes, like Creator's Pet, Butt-Monkey, Filler Characters, Gary-Stu, Mary Sue, Idiot Houdini, and Karma Houdini.

Although rare, many characters have actually recovered from flanderization overtime, like The Simpsons characters, Batman (DCEU), Superman (DCEU), Ben Tennyson (2016), SpongeBob SquarePants (Seasons 6B & 7), Patrick Star (Seasons 6-8), Gwen Tennyson (2016), and etc.

Notable Victims of Flanderization

NOTE: If highlighted in green, it is positive flanderization.

The Simpsons

  • Ned Flanders (Seasons 11-31; The trope namer, as he went from simply enjoying going to church to being obsessively religious and overly nice, and then religious fanatic who will lash out at anyone who doesn't support Christianity.)
  • Moe Szyslak (Seasons 16-30; He started as a rather grumpy bartender who will do anything for money, including resorting to do behind the scenes illegal activities that were mostly played as jokes (such as smuggling animals for unknown reasons), and while he was short tempered, he was still a good person at heart, he was simply a grumpy man living in a disappointing life and to improve it, but later on, his actions tend to be more criminal as at one point, he became a registered sex offender, and encouraged alcoholism, and is part of a running gag was he tries to kill himself but fails.)
  • Homer Simpson (Seasons 11-30; He went from a dimwitted, yet well-meaning father to a moronic idiot who sometimes acts like a selfish jerk, and became even dumber, and more of an aggressive alcoholic with no control over his emotions, as he would burst into tears or throws tantrums on a regular basis.)
  • Marge Simpson (Seasons 16-30; She went from a loving, prepared, down to earth and strict mother to being a really overprotective mother worries too much about everything and is extremely boring and un-impulsive by nature, getting hyped up by household chores and monotonous hobbies. By the HD seasons, she's also become more of a jerk, particularly towards Homer.)
  • Bart Simpson (Seasons 16-30; He went from a mischievous kid as he loved causing trouble and didn't respect authority, but he wasn't an inherently bad kid, and he had conscience of preventing himself from doing something really bad into a borderline sociopathic jerk, as he didnt care about the health, safety, and lives of anyone, even his own family, as long as he could get some laughs, luckily he still gets his comeuppance for his antics sometimes. He's always recently a likable and lucky jerk against everyone without mercy since the beginning of the series.)
  • Lisa Simpson (Seasons 7-30; She went from a level headed foil to Bart and was the smartest and the most well behaved out of the family, and was the voice of reason type of character to a complete know-it-all and a political soapbox as she was start complaining about anything that didnt meet her high standards, and was the only one to protest against the injustices she perceived around her. She's considered recently an unlikable and jealous jerk and the most hated by everyone.)
  • Maggie Simpson (Seasons 16-30; She went from a character who occasionally has plot relevance (such as her shooting Mr. Burns in "Who Shot Mr. Burns?), but she later had some individuality, into simply a background character who only exists for filler. But she didn’t became unlikable here and still remains likable and memorable.)
  • Otto Man (Seasons 16-31; He went from a cool and laid back bus driver to a dangerous low-life and a drug addict.)
  • Patty and Selma Bouvier (Seasons 16-30; They went from simply making mean jokes about Homer to being full-on sociopaths who wanted to see Homer suffer. Even going as far as to urge him to jump off a bridge in "Eternal Moonshine of the Simpson Mind" and kidnapping him and locking him in a dirty bathroom in "Wedding for Disaster". Later seasons tone this down though.)
  • Seymour Skinner (Seasons 9-30; He went from a reasonably competent, no-nonsense principal who was a Vietnam veteran and had an overbearing mother, and was one of Bart's enemies, as he tried to force authority on Bart, to a pathological and pathetic wimp who at one point, and became even more wimpier as whenever he tries to assert authority on his students, such as Bart.)

Family Guy

  • Peter Griffin (Season 8-present; He went from a from somewhat of a jerk yet ultimately cared about his family, and was incredibly respectful to Meg (one episode involved him saying he'd take a bullet for her) and was also a silly doofus and likable father overall into a malicious, idiotic, monstrous, and incredibly abusive and insensitive psychopath who does illegal and evil things in almost every episode and is always excused for his actions as he's said to do that stuff out of idiocy, even though that's not true. He is also a rotten friend, having shot Joe in the eye and Quagmire in the arm on two separate occasions.)
  • Lois Griffin (Season 8-present; She went from a a nice and compassionate wife of Peter Griffin to a short-tempered, immature and psychotic dominatrix wanna-be who sometimes abuses Peter, acts like she has control over her family's life, is a massive hypocrite who calls Peter out on things "she's" guilty of, and is very loud and obnoxious. She's an even bigger Karma Houdini than Peter. One major example was in "Peter-assment", when she says men can't be sexually harrased.)
  • Meg Griffin (Seasons 8-14; She went from a a normal girl wanting to make friends to getting routinely abused until she finally snapped, such as trying to plan sexual assault on Chris just so she could have closure from a gay boy, going all Fatal Attraction on Brian, trying to replace Bonnie as Joe's wife by framing her and breastfeeding their baby, or engaging in a deadly fight at the school cafeteria. However, since Season 14 she's been abused less often. Like Squidward, her personality doesn’t change much, just her role as a butt monkey.)
  • Chris Griffin (Seasons 8-present; He went from a normal, kind, slightly-dimwitted teenager who is an incredibly talented artist to a completely-dimwitted, uninteresting character who's only known for just masturbating all the time, known for going full idiot mode and is only used when Peter has had too much screen time. But he didn't see too much decline in character, and kept most of his charm.)
  • Brian Griffin (Season 8-present; He went from a sarcastic and snarky talking dog who was the voice of reason, and was the most intelligent out of the family to a self-absorbed, pretentious, alcoholic, egotistical douche-bag and "occasionally" atheist fundamentalist (in other words, essentially Seth MacFarlane's political soapbox) that tells lies to get attractive women to like him, thinks religions are purely evil, and their followers are idiots even though not all of them are like that. He is a conniving and ungrateful scoundrel who will do anything to advance any of his careers, especially if it means hurting his loved ones, screwing over the people who helped him, or letting people die. He's also a massive hypocrite by saying Lois having an affair with anyone other than him is wrong. his entire personality now amounts to being a "liberal", and became a complete jerk and got even worse when he came back.)
  • Stewie Griffin (Season 7-present; He went from a toddler with the mind of an evil genius to a toddler with the mind of a stereotypical gay guy, but later returned back to how he was. Depending on your view, however, you could see this as character development since Stewie is no longer evil and has changed his ways, making him seem more likable.)
  • Glenn Quagmire (Season 8-present; he went from a funny and somewhat perverted ladies' man to a complete pervert who is used for little more than sex humor and has his perverted qualities exaggerated, and became not just a pervert, but an implied child molester.)
  • Cleveland Brown (The Cleveland Show (Season 1); He turned from being a kind, well-meaning guy to being essentially the black version of Peter Griffin, though in season 2 onwards and 12-onwards of Family Guy, he has redeemed himself.)
  • Joe Swanson (Seasons 8-10; He went from a strong and confident police officer who was a good role model, and did manage to be a skilled and competent character, despite not being able to walk to a crutch for cruel handicap jokes, an old groaner who screams way too much, and a cowardly spineless cop who lets Peter get away with everything and never arrests him for any lawbreaking acts like shooting Joe in the eye with a BB gun, and for giving his daughter a raspberry in the "wrong place." But unlike most other characters in Family Guy, his flanderization wasn't too severe and he thankfully redeemed himself in season 11 and started to go back to his original personality.)
  • Bonnie Swanson (Seasons 8-present; In the earlier seasons, she was Joe's caring and supportive wife, but in Seasons 8-present, she now sees him as an inconvenience and someone to bully, cheat on Joe and kill him. The biggest example of Bonnie wanting to cheat on Joe is the episode "Foreign Affair" which the main plot of the episode is Bonnie wanting to have an affair in Paris.)

The Garfield Show

  • Garfield (While in the original incarnations, he was always a jerk, but in this series, he became more of an unlikable slob with little to no redeeming qualities. He's also a hypocrite, as he stated in one episode he didn't like bullies, despite the fact that Garfield bullies Odie, Jon, and Nermal all the time.)
  • Jon Arbuckle (He used to be your average joe guy who was a bit bumbling , but now he became more of a bumbling, idiotic, and unlikable jerk who was mean-spirited towards Garfield and later Odie.)
  • Nermal (He was an arrogant, yet cute, innocently gullible and lovable cat into a despicable jerk, even worse than how he's portrayed in the direct-to-video trilogy, basically becoming a mean popular boy. He was at his absolute worst in "King Nermal".)

Teen Titans Go!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Even if the original and Go! Titans are separate entities, as confirmed by Teen Titans Go! vs. Teen Titans, it still shows that the characters were exaggerated beyond recognition from their different incarnation.

  • Robin (Teen Titans Go!) (He tends to act like a dominant and severely paranoid, arrogant jerk, especially towards Starfire, rather than being a strict team leader. Not helping matters is that he is also treated as a Butt-Monkey at times, as his subordinates often act disrespectful to him, even whenever he is in the right.)
  • Starfire (Teen Titans Go!) (She used to a slightly love funning but serious superhero to acting even more immature and childish, and screams a lot in a way as if Hynden Walch is screaming at the top of her lungs. She also adds "the" into many of her lines of dialogue which can be really annoying)
  • Beast Boy (Teen Titans Go!) (Once again, while in the original, he was always portrayed as childish, but he was also quite serious, in this series, he is now an immature, whiny, destructive, literal party-animal teenager and a lazy couch potato who barely gets up to do something simple and barely uses his powers from right.)
  • Cyborg (Teen Titans Go!) (He like Beast Boy, became an annoying and idiotic slacker, with his giraffe neck gag being annoying at times.)
  • Raven (Teen Titans Go!) (She went from a gothic and short-tempered, yet caring to emo, depressed and disastrous, and is more prone to fighting the other Titans whenever they annoyed her, especially Beast Boy. She is the most tolerable of the flanderized Titans, however.)

The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Gumball Watterson (Seasons 2-4; Whilst he was a narcissistic average outcast, he became even more of a self-centered jerk starting around Season 2. But he is still enjoyable to watch and became a bit less of a jerk in Season 5.)
  • Jamie (Seasons 3-6) (Season 3-6; Went from a sweet student to a bully in Season 3.)
  • Nigel Brown (Seasons 2-6; Was first your somewhat forgettable goofball to becoming even more forgetful by the time Season 2 rolls around. He is still pleasant to watch.)
  • Sarah (Season 3-6; In Season 3, she became a huge stalker to Gumball & Darwin, but she is still a funny character.)
  • Alan Keane (Seasons 2-6; Went from your average "good kid" to becoming huge Gary Stu with little to no flaws.)
  • Penny Fitzgerald (Season 6; Went from a charming likable strong girl to basically becoming the Fitzgerald version of Nicole.)

Ed, Edd n Eddy

  • Ed (Seasons 5 & 6; He went from the muscle of the group who's a bit of a simpleton filled with hilarity to being a too dumb to live-type character who is overly emotional and excessively obsessed with gravy.)
  • Edd (Seasons 5 & 6; He went from being the brains of the group who's a bit shy and awkward to being a constantly complaining goody two shoes.)
  • Eddy (Seasons 5 & 6; He went from being the self-appointed leader of the group who's a bit devious and ill-tempered yet effectively encouraging with his driving force on giving his friends guidance to being a loudmouthed, problematic, unsympathetic and obnoxious maniac. However, thankfully, he is redeemed in the series finale movie, and finally regrets all his scams.)
  • Jimmy (Seasons 2-6; He went from a nice and cute child to a whiny, vengeful and accidental-prone crybaby who always gets pampered by Sarah.)
  • Jonny (Seasons 2-6 and in the series finale movie; He went from a loner, yet imaginative and free-spirited kid who was an occasional ally of the Eds, into an annoying, loudmouth and unfunny goofball plus saboteur who can't act or function without Plank's input and presence. In the series finale movie, he being betrayed by the other kids.)

SpongeBob SquarePants

  • SpongeBob SquarePants (Seasons 6B & 7; He went from being a naive, eccentric and somewhat immature, yet optimistic and well-meaning protagonist who has some moments of maturity every now and then to being an even more immature, annoying, outright troublemaking, and obnoxious idiot who is either too happy or a crybaby, and annoys other characters for no discernible reason such as Squidward Tentacles, his restaurant co-worker and one of his two neighbors, and Mrs. Puff, his driving teacher. became an obnoxiously happy moronic idiot and a crybaby in some episodes. However, in the Season 8-present seasons, he did redeem himself, and went back to his old personality, due to complaints from fans and critics.)
  • Patrick Star (Seasons 1b-5; 6-8; he suffered from two flanderization experiences; he started out as a kind of dumb but fairly intelligent, but as Season 1 progressed, he became more stupid and immature and eventually his stupidity became his main, defining trait (this can be seen as good flanderization, as some of his quotes are memorable like "Is mayonnaise an instrument?"). Unfortunately, in Seasons 6-8, he had a second flanderization experience (which ruined his reputation temporarily). He essentially became brain dead, with his actions becoming dangerous at times. He also became a selfish jerk. True, Patrick had his jerky and antagonistic moments in earlier seasons, but these moments pretty much became a major part of him in these seasons. Then, in Season 9 onwards, he did redeem himself, and went back to his old personality, after years of complaints from fans and critics)
  • Eugene H. Krabs (Seasons 6-10; he went from a greedy yet goodhearted restaurant owner to a more black-hearted and self-serving greedy monster who, in one episode, terrorized Plankton to the point where he attempted suicide (yes, seriously) and Krabs just brushed it off like it was nothing; his love for money also became over-exaggerated, and while he did not fully recover from flanderization in Seasons 9 & 10, he is more tolerable than he was in Seasons 6-8 until redeeming himself in Season 11 onwards)
  • Pearl (Seasons 6 & 7; In the earlier seasons, she was emotional, yet still likable teenage girl, but in these seasons, she became an extremely whiny spoiled brat who always wants very expensive things as well as being an annoying crybaby similar to SpongeBob. Speaking of SpongeBob, Pearl does not get along with him very well in these seasons compared to the first five seasons.)
  • Plankton (Seasons 6 & 7; became a bigger punching bag than before just like Squidward, where bad things happen to him, even when he doesn't do anything wrong. He's also a less effective villain, particularly in Season 6. But most of the time, he is still likable and keeps hs charm)
  • Karen (Seasons 6 & 7; In the first five seasons, she was loyal and devoted to Plankton, if a bit snarky at times. In these seasons, she is defined by her snarky demeanor, to the point that she rarely has anything supportive to say to Plankton, even when he's on the brink of suicide. She often gets frustratingly aggressive with Plankton's attempt to outstage Eugene.)
  • Sandy Cheeks (Seasons 5-8; She became a lot more obsessed with science than her other traits (eg. karate and Texas), even more so than in Seasons 4, up to the point where she's become a bland, one-dimensional and neurotic science geek with no interesting personality whatsoever. While she did have an interest in science in the first four seasons, it wasn't her defining trait back then. But in these seasons, she wasn't unlikable as she is actually likable and helpful.)
  • Squidward Tentacles (Seasons 6-8; He became a constant grouch to everyone and everything around him, showing little care towards SpongeBob or anyone else, though for Spongebob, it could be justified at times. In the earlier seasons, he was quite grumpy, but had a good heart inside and would defend SpongeBob if he was in the right. He is also used as a punching bag in a ludicrous amount of episodes that there are too many to list, see some of them below. In these seasons, as well as the modern seasons, he is often just hurt for no reason, when earlier in the show, he would try to do something bad to SpongeBob but it would backfire and hurt him instead. But in these seasons, he didn't see too much decline in character since he is mostly likable if he is not tortured.)
  • Mrs. Puff (Seasons 6-8; She became a much bigger punching bag than she was in the previous seasons (more so on that latter), even if she is unlikable at the correct times, such as Demolition Doofus. But like Squidward and Plankton, she still kept most of her charm and likability.)
  • Fred (Seasons 11-present; Became even more loud and accident-prone (yes, accident-prone was one of his defining traits in the earlier seasons, but they were rare, but in this season and onwards, it's seen even more often. However, this is good because it is funny and he gets a lot more screentime in this season and onwards than in the previous seasons.).
  • Background characters/incidentals (Seasons 5-8; They have become bigger jerks as the series went on, yes, they were always jerks, but they were never this mean, and their jerkish side is shown more often now)
  • Harold (Seasons 2-8; He went from a nice citizen who only occasionally got angry into a mean-spirited jerk who gets angry over EVERYTHING! even though he has memorable one-liners)

The Fairly OddParents

  • Timmy Turner (Seasons 9 & 10; He has gone from a tragic and unpopular, yet goodhearted kid who just wanted his life to be better into a selfish and bratty jerk who only cares about getting what he wants.)
  • Cosmo and Wanda (Seasons 9 & 10; went from a cute and loveable fairy god couple with the former being simple-minded, yet charming and the latter being the intelligent, yet voice-of-reason into a generic idiotic husband and nagging wife stereotypes who shared an equal amount of stupidity and carelessness, while frequently losing their wands for what can only be described as plot contrivance.)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Turner (They started out as busy and clueless but soon became extremely negligent parents who have hinted at times that they don't truly love Timmy, and see him as a burden. This was actually the plot catalyst in an episode with a parody of the late Steve Irwin, called 'The Bad Parent Hunter'. While their characterizations were never perfect from the start, they were more tolerable in the first five seasons aka the classic era. Mr. Turner, in particular, has worsen as the show went on, especially in the final two seasons, due to the "Idiot Dad" trope being severely overused on him similar to Cosmo and the fact that he acts like a complete child. Mr. Turner's screen time has also been unbelievably increased in the final two seasons, usually for humor's sake.)
  • Vicky (Seasons 6-10; went from a sadistic bully who enjoys torturing Timmy while keeping him safe, to a psychotic killer who wants to outright kill Timmy for no apparent reason while also having a severe reduction in screen time despite still appearing in the intro of the show.)
  • Tootie (Seasons 6 & 7; went from a nerdy, yet nice girl who has a crush on Timmy and occasionally helped him to an obsessive, lovesick stalker who constantly harasses Timmy whenever she sees him.)
  • Denzel Crocker (Seasons 9 & 10; went from a crazed teacher wanting to prove the existence of fairies to the world into just another annoying manchild like what Mr. Turner has become as well as an incompetent and idiotic villain while being shoehorned into almost every episode, usually for humor's sake like Mr. Turner.)
  • Jorgen Von Strangle (Seasons 9 & 10; started out as an intimidating and lawful antagonistic fairy ruler, but as the show went on, he got dialed down to being more of a supporting role. Depending on your view, you may find this as an actual development in character. However, at times, this also made him more of a wimp as evidenced in "Teeth for Two". Then by Season 9, he was dumbed down to just a generic plot device whenever the writers needed to bastardize Da Rules.)
  • Foop (Seasons 9 & 10; He started out as a villain wanting to destroy Timmy and his fairies in his Season 7 debut, "Anti-Poof". But as time went on, he himself has also seen some levels of inconsistency within his characterization here and there, in which he has become less of a villain and more of a pointless moronic comic relief in the same way as Mr. Crocker.)
  • Dark Lazer (Seasons 9 & 10; He, like Foop, started out as a villain wanting to destroy Timmy, his fairies, and the town of Dimmsdale, into an incompetent and idiotic villain in one episode in Season 10, followed by a typical heel-face turn villain in his remaining two appearances afterward.)

South Park

  • Gerald Broflovski (Season 20; He becomes an unsympathetic asshole who hides being a troll to his whole family, causes the Danish to start the whole Troll-Trace program in the first place by causing Freja Ollegard to commit suicide after trolling her constantly, makes the split of the boys and girls at South Park Elementary (which also causes the boys to turn on Cartman at first), and frames Ike and Kyle for some of his actions. He doesn't even learn a lesson from any of his actions and he gets away scot-free with his trolling.)

George of the Jungle (2007)

  • George (He went from being a bumbling, but strong and loveable hero in the original 1967 series, to then just dumb and childish in the first season, before becoming a literal manchild who speaks in third person with poor vocabulary in Season 2.)
  • Ursula (Magnolia in Season 2) (She went from being George's love interest in the original 1967 series, to then a tomboyish city girl who was a nice and friendly sidekick to George who wanted to introduce modern culture to the jungle in Season 1, before becoming a cynical, obsessive “Rick Sanchez”-like scientist with a college degree in biology as well as being the huge punching bag of the show in Season 2.)
  • Magnolia (Ursula in Season 2) (Season 2; She became a disgusting, savage predator who not only speaks almost like a primitive caveman, but also barely shows charm and only harms everyone and the environment around her for fun.)
  • Dr. Towell Scott (Dr. Chicago in Season 2) (Season 2; he went from being a helpful, harmless doctor in Season 1 to a mad dentist-turned-scientist who wants to destroy the jungle for no apparent reason.)
  • The Witch Doctor (Season 2; Became a stereotypical traditional healer, which some Africans may find offensive.)

Angry Birds Toons

  • Red (Season 3; He became an overprotective angry bully-like jerk that likes beating the innocent pigs for fun and leaving them to starve. He is also racist towards the pigs and is very mean to them for no real reason.)
  • Chuck (Seasons 3; became a annoying idiotic jerk who cares more about looking cool than protecting the eggs.)
  • Jim, Jake, And Jay (The Blues, Seasons 3; They became annoying troublemaking brats that also like to beat up the pigs for fun.)
  • Matilda (Season 3; She became an OCD overprotective Neat Freak that wants everything to be perfect.)
  • Bomb (Seasons 3; He became a boring loon with no personality and eats ice cream for no reason.)
  • The Pigs (Seasons 3; They became one-dimensional villain characters who want to steal the eggs from the Birds for no real reason when they could’ve eaten something else, They also became punching bags for the Birds.)
  • King Pig (Season 3; He became a much more immature toddler who whines and tortures other pigs. His stupidity and immaturity was increased in this season, though he was still tolerable than the Angry Birds themselves, thankfully.)

Dragon Ball

  • Son Goku (GT and Super; became dumber and more of a manchild)
  • Chi-Chi (ZGT and Super; became an obnoxiously overbearing mother to her sons, Gohan and Goten, to the point where she attempted to take Gohan's infant daughter away from him as she couldn't stand the thought of her becoming a Z-Fighter when she grew up)
  • Broly (Z: Broly - Second Coming; became a brainless lunatic who did nothing but scream "KAKAROT!" at the top of his lungs)

Turbo F.A.S.T

  • Turbo (Season 3, became a person who usually cares about winning and mustaches more so than the first two seasons.)
  • Skidmark (Season 3, became crazier than he was in the first two seasons and often cares about hanging out with White Shadow, even more so than the first two seasons.)
  • Burn (Season 3, became a greedy and aggressive mean popular girl who lost all of her character development throughout the series and constantly bullies her teammates (even Chet) whenever they mess something up for her or get what she wants, sometimes if by accident and even for petty reasons.)
  • White Shadow (Season 3, became dumber than he was in the first two seasons who constantly cares about food than his other trails (e.g. Kung Fu, and racing).
  • Whiplash (Season 3, became an even more short-tempered, loud man who often treated the other snails like slaves and also very stupid.)
  • Smoove Moove (Season 3, became a lazy slacker Butt-Monkey without any personality as his insecurities get worse, and his team does nothing to help when he gets treated like a punching bag.)
  • Hardcase (Seasons 3, became much of a filler generic doomsday villain who once nearly got everyone in Turbotown killed by the stink bomb attracted on the dryer in Turbo Does Laundry.)
  • Dunce (Season 3, became a plot device that only served as filler and to keep up with the plots in Turbo-focused episodes.)
  • Mel Shellman (Season 3, became overprotective over Charlie too much to the point where he couldn't let the latter get a new best friend.)

Battle for Dream Island

  • Pencil (BFDIA-present; In the first season, she was quite cheery and friendly, but became more of a meaner and a much more bossier leader than before.)
  • Spongy (Battle For BFDI; In the earlier episodes, he was more of a nice person who was disliked by others, but in BFB 14-15, he became more of a jerk, where in BFB 14, he selfishly refuses to let his team in his private jet, when the lava starts flowing in order to get back at them for their actions in BFB 12, and in BFB 15, he simply shoots cannonballs at Puffball just because they were on sale, and he wanted his moneys worth.)
  • Book (Battle For BFDI; In BFDIA and IDFB, she is shown to be nice, caring, harmless and can be considered to be the voice of reason of the Freesmarters, though in BFB, however, this is where her traits have been butchered completely, as she is shown as an arrogant, immature, obnoxious and moronic idiot who has yet to get over her hatred of Taco, though she redeemed herself in BFB 14.)
  • Naily (TPOT; became a Karen to Basketball and is responsible for her becoming a punching bag)
  • Match (BFDIA-present; same reason as Pencil)
  • Gelatin (Battle for BFDI; In BFDIA, he originally was intelligent and sane, but in BFB, he became much more immature, childish, unintelligent, and rather uncaring.)
  • Four (Battle for BFDI 1-29); They seem to become more and more of a selfish & mean-spirited asshole during every passing episode to the point most of the contestants leave the show because of that. Thankfully, they redeem themself by the end of BFB and is now much more tolerable and has less moments of selfishness now.
  • Clock (Battle For BFDI 15-present; He became even more cynical and selfish in this season and onwards.)
  • Firey (Battle For BFDI 1-22; became an immature manchild)


  • Will Schuester (Season 4-5; Became a stubborn, obsessive and pushy manchild.)
  • Rachel Berry (Season 2; Became a complete psychopath who never does something without an ulterior motive of stardom.)
  • Tina Cohen-Chang (Season 4-5; Became an unlikable diva.)
  • Blaine Anderson (Season 3-5; Became an immature manchild.)
  • Sam Evans (Season 4-6; Became dumb as a rock, to the point where he was barely functional.)

Johnny Test

  • Johnny Test (Seasons 4-6, he went from went from a rebellious, yet goodhearted boy who helped others, cared about his family, and even had mature moments of learning lessons, and having remorse for his actions whenever they are bad, into a bland and generic spoiled brat who always tries to get what he wants by taking advantage of others and often expresses an apathetic reaction to the disasters he causes in Seasons 1-3 he had a smoother character design, voice and was a lot more respectful towards his family including his sister, by Seasons 4-6 though he had become a lot more rude, selfish, and an overall generic protagonist.)
  • Susan and Mary Test (Seasons 4-6, they went from great teenage partners in training with comedic traits and having the ability to perform intelligent and creative experiments on Johnny to help him out while keeping him safe, into bland and generic teenage girls who constantly drool over boys, most notably Gil Nexdor, with many nonsensical and botched schemes while having little to no regard for Johnny's safety.)
  • Bling-Bling Boy (Seasons 4-6; went from a typical, yet cunning villain who would threaten to destroy Porkbelly if Susan doesn't fall in love with him, into a bland and generic villain who makes uncreative and easily foiled schemes to get his hands on Susan, which can get annoying.)
  • Dukey (Seasons 5-6, went from a reluctant, yet nice talking dog who can be seen as an older brother-like figure to Johnny to a yes-man Butt-Monkey-type character who, despite pointing out Johnny whenever he is about to do something dumb or otherwise irresponsible, is nevertheless perfectly willing to join in with his friend's antics and, if not, he is easily bribed with meat.)
  • Hugh (Seasons 4-6, he went from a firm but fair parent, into a complete overbearing, high-strung, and hotheaded control freak who cares about almost nothing but meatloaf, not even his own kids.)

Danger Mouse

  • Danger Mouse (Became a stereotypical hero who can often be very unlikable)
  • Penfold (Went from a humorous dim-witted coward to a stereotypical bland and gay coward)
  • Colonel K (Season 5 (1981)-onward; Became a dumb yet likable colonel)
  • Stiletto Mafiosa (Season 5 (1981)-onward; Went from a loyal henchman of Baron Greenback to a stupid henchman)
  • Narrator (Season 4 (1981)-Season 10 (1981); Season 1 (2015)-onward; Started off not having a problem, then started hating his job wanting to quit since the fourth seasons seventh episode Tower of Terror, saying he wanted to be on Radio 3. However, after the reboot he started tolerating his job more, being the comic relief character and a show-stealer)

Be Cool, Scooby Doo!

  • Fred Jones (He dialed up to 11 and is stuck in his own ego even more than he was in A Pup Named Scooby-Doo and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated, where he is into traps.)
  • Daphne Blake (She is also portrayed as an annoying, bumbling idiot.)
  • Velma Dinkley (She is now the person hiding in the gang's shadows and no one takes her seriously. And when she has her moments, she is a complete worshipper of technology and science with no moral depths.)
  • Scooby Doo and Shaggy Rogers (They became dumber and worshippers of only food; they even disobeyed Velma not to continue eating a food trap in one of the episodes.)

Total Drama

  • Chris McLean (Total Drama; Total Drama: Revenge of the Island onwards; became even more psychopathic later on in the series)
  • Courtney (Total Drama, Total Drama Action onwards; became more aggressive)
  • DJ (Total Drama, Total Drama World Tour; became a cowardish butt-monkey crybaby who complains about an "animal curse")
  • Gwen (Total Drama, Total Drama Action onwards; she was originally a moody and sarcastic yet kindhearted girl, but in "Action", her impulsive actions between her and Trent somewhat caused her to lose Trent as a boyfriend, and in "World Tour", she became more of a jerk, and while she did show some remorse for her kissing Duncan, and when everyone finds out about the kiss, she doesn't vote herself out or apologize, and she tried to manipulate Cody's feelings to vote Courtney off, and in "All-Stars", she became more girly)
  • Duncan (Total Drama, Total Drama World Tour onwards; in "World Tour", he became more of a jerk to the point of cheating on Courtney, and in "All-Stars", his soft side gets exaggerated to the point of where he can't stop himself from being nice)
  • Lindsay (Total Drama, Total Drama All-Stars; became even more stupid to the point where she couldn't push a cart)
  • Leshawna (Total Drama, Total Drama Action onwards; in "Action", she fake-cried to her teammates about going to the spa, and proceeded to trash-talk them afterwards, and in "World Tour", she became bossier and more rude to her team)
  • Owen (Total Drama, Total Drama Action; became more unfunny and obnoxious)
  • Sierra (Total Drama, Total Drama All-Stars; became more insane and imagines Cameron as Cody)
  • Zoey (Total Drama, Total Drama All-Stars; became a Mary-Sue and became dumber to the point she didn't realize Mike was Mal)
  • Scott (Total Drama, Total Drama All-Stars; became dumber and more incompetent, though this is a good flanderization because it made him more likable and have more funny moments)
  • Geoff (Total Drama, Total Drama Action; he became more like Chris in the aftermaths)
  • Bridgette (Total Drama, Total Drama Action onwards; became more obsessed over Geoff, and in "World Tour", she couldn't control her hormones to the point where she cheats on him with Alejandro)
  • Trent (Total Drama, Total Drama Action; became obsessed with Gwen and the number 9)
  • Ezekiel (Total Drama, Total Drama World Tour onwards; became the Gollum and Megward the Wizard of the series)
  • Cameron (Total Drama, Total Drama All-Stars; became more dumber, and didn't realize Mal exists even though Cameron is supposed to be one of the smartest characters in the series.)
  • Dave (Total Drama, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island (episode 6/7-onwards), became a crybaby who was obsessed with Sky, to the point where he voted himself out in episode 9, and in the finale, he went insane and tried to hurt Sky)
  • Sky (Total Drama, Total Drama: Pahkitew Island (episodes 9-ownards), became overly competitive to the point where she threw a childish temper tantrum in the finale)
  • Cody (Total Drama, Total Drama World Tour; Became somewhat hypocritical and a jerk, though this is minor, and can be seen as good by some people)

Thomas and Friends

  • Thomas the Tank Engine (Sharon Miller era, All Engines Go!; He was flanderized twice. He went from a cheeky and fussy, yet optimistic and playful protagonist into a troublesome, irresponsible and unreliable engine who almost never listens to Sir Topham Hatt and frequently causes confusion and delay. Worst of all, when he supposedly learns his lesson at the end of an episode, he completely forgets everything he's learned in the next episode. He did redeem himself in the Andrew Brenner era but suffered from an even worse flanderizerization in the reboot. Only now, he is portrayed as an even more unreliable child.)
  • Gordon the Big Engine (Season 8-13, He as went from being an arrogant but kind, wise, and good father figure to Thomas into an immature, arrogant and unlikable character and he has lost all of the original personality and charm he had in the prior seven seasons and hardly saw the light of redemption until season 16.)
  • Toby the Tram Engine (Seasons 9-16, He has gone from an old and wise engine to a paranoid wimp who is too scared to do anything.)
  • Edward the Blue Engine (Seasons 11-16, Just like Toby, he has gone from an old and wise engine to a paranoid wimp who is too scared to do anything.)
  • Henry the Green Engine (Sharon Miller era, He has gone from a kind and friendly gentle giant into a coward who constantly worries too much about every little thing and is too stupid to do anything right.)
  • Percy the Small Engine (Seasons 15-16, All Engines Go!; He has gotten dumbed down considerably in "Day of the Diesels" and Seasons 15 and 16 without a reason or rhyme, and became a coward in All Engines Go!.)
  • Emily the Stirling Engine (Seasons 8-10, Sharon Miller era; She has gotten flanderized twice. She started out as a kind and helpful engine in her debut in Season 7, but quckly became a bossy, naggy and selfish one during S8-10. She temporarily reverted back to her original personality in Season 11 before getting flanderized again in S12-16, where she's become a more unintelligent character.)
  • Skarloey and Rheneas (Seasons 9-12, They have gone from old and wise engines into reckless hyperactive children who like to race and fight over taking special trains during Seasons 9-12. However, while Skarloey acted like a wimp in Seasons 9-11, he acts like a child in Season 12, as seen in "Push Me, Pull You".)
  • Sir Topham Hatt (Sharon Miller era, All Engines Go! He has been reduced from a strict, but kind hearted ruler to a pointless comic relief who messes up (e.g. crashing his car three times after carelessly driving on liquid bubble puddles instead of going around them in "Slippery Sodor").)

Bob the Builder

  • Scoop (2015 reboot, He went from a sensible and reliable leader to a clumsy cuckoo clock lander and a careless, useless, idiotic goofball who constantly messes everything up, either unintentionally or on purpose, it doesn't help that he gets too much screentime.)
  • Lofty (2015 reboot, He went from being friendly, shy, sympathetic, and cowardly into being sarcastic, cynical, intelligent and is no longer even scared of anything that much anymore.)
  • Muck (2015 reboot, He went from being a funny but reliable vehicle, into a more dumber idiot who equally screws up everything just like Scoop.)
  • Roley (2015 reboot, He has gone from being smooth and calm with a love of music to being an extremely fussy perfectionist about making sure everything is nice and flat.)
  • Mr. Bernard Bentley (2015 reboot, He has been reduced into being a bumbling buffoon and is no longer a building inspector anymore, instead, he is Mayor Madison's assistant.)

Fireman Sam

  • Norman Price (Fireman Sam Season 6-present; He went from a mischievous boy who likes to play tricks to a whiny, annoying brat who does horrible things for the pettiest reasons)
  • Elvis Cridlington (Fireman Sam Season 6-present; He went from a somewhat dimwitted yet friendly firefighter to an incompetent idiot who is terrible at his job of being a firefighter)
  • Station Officer Steele (Fireman Sam Season 6-present; He went from a strict and mature authority figure into a silly doofus who has a weird obsession with kids toys)
  • Sarah and James (Fireman Sam Season 6-present; They went from kind and caring siblings who loved each other no matter what into problematic siblings who fight each other all the time for no reason)


  • Jeffy (SML 2017-now); While he was stupid & mostly annoying ever since his introduction into the SuperMarioLogan series, he has now become dumber, controversial & imbecilic for infamous reasons, manipulative at times, has become more of a cash cow for SML now, and he has also become a lot more obnoxious with his tediously excessive jokes being more exaggerated than before (so much that it makes Bowser Jr look harmless by comparison in some instances), and such to the point that there were some fans that wanted Logan to burn the Jeffy puppet.
  • Mr. Goodman (SML 2016-present; Went from an decent person to a money-loving, money-hungry jerk towards Mario)
  • Mario (SML 2017-present; He went from a down to earth man living in a house full of idiots to a sometimes stupid yet stereotypical dad and a Butt-Monkey, but is still innocent and likable)
  • Bowser Junior (SML 2019-present; Became extremely annoying, unfunny, and dumb, and tortures Chef Pee Pee and Cody for no reason other than to entertain himself, though he is a bit likable in late 2020 onwards)
  • Joseph (SML 2017-present; Became an unlikable character whose sole purpose is to be Bowser Junior's annoying Yes-Man, try to look cool and to be on the radical side of things (even if it is genuinely dangerous and questionable), and also became a greedy spoiled jerk on par with The Goodman Family in "Joseph the Millionaire!".
  • Rosalina (SML 2016-present; Became an insensitive, excessively dull-witted, and nagging mother who yells at Mario and defends Jeffy for no good reason. Not even she was immune to Flanderization while she was the typical dumb blonde character as well)

Inanimate Insanity

  • Paintbrush (Inanimate Insanity II; went from a responsible contestant who is pragmatic in their approach to challenges and life to an overly competitive, impatient, bossy, and short tempered jerk who often takes things WAY too seriously. The way they treat Fan in episodes like Mazed and Confused and the second part of Kick the Bucket also possibly hints that they often overwork any member of the Bright Lights whenever they slack off)
  • Nickel (Inanimate Insanity II; went from a critical character to a selfish and egoistical jerk that made Suitcase paranoid and tried to break up Suitcase and Balloon)

Tamagotchi (TV Series)

  • Memetchi (Tamagotchi TV Series: Season 1B-present); Although she was always self-conscious about her hair being ruined, it was done in a relatable way, While her Flanderization was mostly unseen, in "The Power of Gossip!", she became a bossy and manipulative jerk who would get angry over petty reasons and would throw tantrums and start arguments for no reason. Not only that, but she became somewhat of a Karma Houdini and gets no punishments for being an asshole to her friends, make gossip to get revenge, lying about her moving somewhere else (although it was seen in her mind), and getting into arguments with her little sister.
  • Kuchipatchi; Although not as terrible as Memetchi's Flanderization, He became somewhat more of a Butt-Monkey in this series and became rude or useless depending on the plot.
  • Chamametchi; While she was always an Annoying Younger Sibling trope to Mametchi, she becomes somewhat more talkative in this series, of course, her infamous crying scene could be seen as extremely annoying.


  • Bob Bobowski (SMG4 2018); (although he was always obnoxious, but they were done in a hilarious way, however in 2018, he became more unlikable where in "Mario and the T-Pose Virus", he got his friends turned into T-Pose Zombies, and in the "The Rapper Bob Arc", he made a nasty speech to Boopkins to the point where he made him cry, and in the same arc he became more of a jerk to the point of dissing his friends in a rap just to become more famous)
  • Axol (SMG4 late 2020-onwards); (he went from a kind and understanding manga artist to a simp who lusts over Melony no matter what, though this flanderization was toned down and his relationship with Melony was developed)
  • SMG4 (SMG4 2017-onwards); (became more of a stereotypical meme-loving addict, but still acts like the straight-man to Mario's stupidity quite often and is still likable and funny)
  • Princess Peach (SMG4 2018-onwards); (she became much more bossy, rude, and selfish than her previous personality to the point where in "If Mario was In.. Fall Guys", she punished Mario after Mario gave King Bert, the original owner, the crown instead of her. This showed that she cared about herself, also in "Food Wars", she threatened to kill Mario and his friends for participating at the "party")
  • Toad (SMG4 season 2014 & 2015 & 2018-onwards)(he received two flanderizations; In the first three years, he went from a comedic, mistreated and a slightly grumpy and sarcastic helper, similar to Squidward Tentacles in Seasons 1-5 and Season 9-present of SpongeBob SquarePants. However, in 2014-2015 he became a crazily obsessed fan of Mario who is addicted to sugar and often played as a poor attempt at comic relief; a complete 180 from his original personality. He would later retain his original personality in the later years, but in 2018-present, he would later become a more grumpy person who would often serve as a punching bag who is heavily mistreated by Toadette (similar to Squidward in seasons 6-8 of SpongeBob SquarePants) to the point of being more mean-spirited than funny)
  • Bowser (SMG4 seasons 2014 & 2015)(he used to be a misunderstood villain of the series who was insecure on the inside. In seasons 4-5, he became a moronic comic-relief who is obsessed with "swag" and "being fabulous" (an easy example of this is in the 2014 episode, "SwagQuest", where he's overly obsessed with making Luigi hip for a swag party at Peach's Castle). Similar to Toad's 2014 & 2015 flanderization, this is typically played as a cheap attempt at comedy.)
  • Fishy Boopkins (SMG4 mid 2017-present) (he essentially became an anime-obsessed weaboo who in almost, if not every, episode he appears in, he mentions anime or anything related to that)

DC Comics

  • Wonder Woman (2011); Became a selfish, cold-hearted and murderous bully.
  • Superman (DCEU); Became an eternally depressed grump who almost never smiles and a boring Jesus allegory.
  • Lex Luthor (DC Extended Universe); Became a spoiled daddy’s boy who acts like a wacky cartoon character.
  • Joker (DC Extended Universe); Become a generic edgy gangster wannabe with tattoos and silver teeth.
  • Lois Lane (DC Super Hero Girls (2019)); Became a manipulating freak and Mary Sue clone of Courtney who once followed the Superhero Girls around to prevent them from protecting Metropolis from the Killer Moths, resulting in the city being attacked by them.)
  • Superboy-Prime (Infinite Crisis); became an angry fanboy because his version of Earth was destroyed.
  • Duela Dent (The New 52; became an edgy flesh-face wearing sociopath)
  • Jessica Dent (Batman: Earth One volume 3; became a psychopath with a split personality of his dead brother, Harvey.
  • Wally West (Heroes in Crisis; became a culprit for killing other Teen Titans members.
  • Roy Harper (Justice League: The Rise Of Arsenal; became a drug addict once again after her daughter, Liam died during Justice League: Cry For Justice).

LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

  • Kai (LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitsu; Seasons 8-12, went from a short-tempered, yet caring ninja to a whiny, narcissistic character.)
  • Jay (LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu; Seasons 8-onward; His timidness overtime evolved into just being utterly dim-witted)
  • Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon (LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu; Seasons 11-present; became more of a stereotypical leader in a kids' cartoon.)


  • Miho Nosaka (Yu-Gi-Oh! 1998; became a selfish, hypocritical ditz who uncaringly strings Honda around when she clearly has no interest in him and just uses him for her own personal gain)
  • Reginald "Shark" Kastle (Yu-GI-Oh! Zexal) became a stereotypical emo and bland tyrant who is revealed to be a Barian Emperor named Nash, and thinks Yuma and the others are not his friends.
  • Rio Kastle (Yu-GI-Oh! Zexal) became a bland remorseless girl who is revealed to be a Barian Emperor named Marin, and thinks Yuma and the others are not her friends.
  • Aster Phoenix (Yu-GI-Oh! Arc-V) became a ruthless individual who thinks hurting people in dueling is wrong from Leo Akaba.

The Loud House

  • Lincoln Loud (The Loud House Seasons 4-Onwards; became clumsy and zany like SpongeBob SquarePants, but thankfully he is often still likable, good luck and not a jerk at all who really loves his sisters during the show and they really love him too.)
  • Leni Loud (The Loud House; Became even dumber to the point she went to pre-school in Schooled. But then thankfully she really loves Lincoln.)
  • Lynn Loud Jr. (The Loud House Seasons 1 & 2 or 3 or 5-Onwards; She's more bossy and selfish than Lincoln/Lori//Luna/Lola.)
  • Lynn Loud Sr. (The Loud House Season 3-Onwards: Turned from a firm parent to a manchildish crybaby.)
  • Rita Loud (The Loud House Season 3-Onwards: Was a firm parent like her husband but is now a terrible mother who encourages her kids to lie)
  • Clyde McBride (The Loud House Seasons 4-Onwards: He's considered gross, less unlikable and too annoying.)

Diary of A Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul (2017)

  • Rowley Jefferson; went from a fun loving kid to just a boring filler that barely appears.
  • Rodrick Heffley; went from the cool teenager that made him likable to just an idiot who likes rock and roll but that goes no where.
  • Greg Heffley; went from a relatable middle scholar to an idiotic kid with no traits.
  • Frank Heffley; went from a strict fair father to the same as Greg.
  • Susan Heffley; went from down the earth fair mother (only in the movies) to becoming a selfish and egotistical mother who belittles her family and bashes modern technology. She can also be an idiot at times like Greg and Frank.

Sesame Street

  • Elmo (became a brat who always wants his way, doesn't get any karma for his actions, and started treating Sesame Street's target audience as if they had the mind of a goldfish. He has also become a hypocrite since he gets mad whenever Zoe treats her pet rock like a friend, yet he does the same to his pets Dorothy and Tango.)
  • Zoe (Seasons 30-44; became friends with her pet rock named Rocco, despite him being an inanimate object)

The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss

  • The Cat in the Hat (Season 2; started out as a trickster in Season 1, but in this season he became more of a Bear in the Big Blue House-like host who gets way too much screen time. He also now has a formulaic tendency to get Terrence McBird to participate in his activities with the Little Cats.)
  • Yertle the Turtle (Season 2; in "The Cat in the Hat Cleans Up His Act", he went from the king of a small pond who tortured millions of other turtles to a generic and annoying business salesman)
  • Little Cat Z (became visible and possessed a hipster attitude, with him muttering Z-words non-stop)
  • The Grinch (Season 2; he became less evil and threatening than his book counterpart and his plans became more childish)

Barney & Friends

  • Barney The Dinosaur (Seasons 9-14, Barney's Great Adventure); became an overly excitable, kind friend to everyone in comparison to his caring and intelligent side in Seasons 1-8.
  • BJ (Seasons 9-14; began constantly needing help from Barney with learning morals)
  • Baby Bop (Seasons 9-14; forgot how to count and began needing Barney's help with learning morals like BJ)

Angelina Ballerina

  • Angelina Ballerina (Angelina Ballerina and The Next Steps), went from sweet, passionate, friendly ballerina with a nice girl persona to whiny, mean-spirited, jealous, and pretty nasty bratty ballerina who wants to become popular from the ballet dancing. She also became blander in The Next Steps.)
  • TBA Characters from Angelina Ballerina (except for Henry and Sammy, became a bland and lacks any depth.)

Alvinnnn!!! and the Chipmunks

  • Alvin Seville; (became an exaggerated mean spirited jerk who you can never feel for)
  • Simon Seville; (became the smartass nerd trope that also slightly turned him unlikable, but he is still likable for the most part)
  • Theodore Seville; (became more of a glutton and a somewhat idiot, though he is the most likable of the show)
  • The Chipettes; (all became even more of bratty mean popular girly girls, especially Brittany, who was already bad. Jeanette, however, is the least bad and most tolerable of the group, since she is still mostly kind, caring, timid and shy, is less of a jerk than her sisters, and is still likable for the most part)
  • Dave Seville; (became more selfish and strict, though once again he is still likable for the most part)


  • The Goodfeathers (Animaniacs (1993-1998), Seasons 4-5; they becomes too annoying.)
  • Slappy and Skippy Squirrel (Animaniacs (1993-1998), Seasons 3-5; they becomes too annoying.)
  • Dr. Scratchansniff (Animaniacs (2020-21); He went from a short-tempered but responsible father figure to the Warners to a mean trickster who will trick the Warners to get back for what they did to him.)
  • Harry Potter (Harry Potter novels 5-7; became an unlikable jerk. However, it is justified, as it was actually a result of trauma caused by Cedric Diggory's death.)
  • Hermione Granger (Harry Potter novels 5-7; became an annoying Mary-Sue and as much of a jerk as Harry, albeit it is a result of the puberty)
  • Ellie (The Last of Us Part II; She went from being a caring, yet devious little girl, to an overall cold-hearted person, who goes throughout the whole game assaulting random people who she comes across)
  • Stan Smith (American Dad!; Seasons 11-present; went from being a well-meaning father who cared about his family, into the American Dad! version of Peter Griffin as he became nothing more than a cruel and unlikable character).
  • Roger Smith (American Dad!; Seasons 9-present; went from being a hilarious into a sadistic character who enjoys murdering.
  • Dora The Explorer (Dora The Explorer Seasons 5-8; started to have no personality)
  • Hank Hill (King of the Hill; is known for preferring traditional things over trendy new ones. This starts to get overdone in the later seasons; case in point, "Get Your Freak Off". In this episode, Hank is more Amish than the Amish; he's almost medieval. He was only slightly flanderized, and kept most of his charm.)
  • Peggy Hill (King of the Hill Seasons 9-13; she went from a sweet and caring wife and mother into a very annoying and ungrateful woman who acts just as bad as (if not worse than) modern Lois Griffin.)
  • The Annoying Orange (The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange and 2014-present; became more annoying than he was in the web series to the point where he is not even funny)
  • Fred Figglehorn (2010-2013; Became even more annoying and immature when he got his own movie and TV show)
  • Ash Ketchum (Pokémon the Series: Black & White; Became an idiot trainer)
  • Blooregard Q. Kazoo (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends; Season 1b; Seasons 2-6); started out as being protective over and caring of Mac in the pilot whilst being only slightly mischievous and then became a "jerk with a heart of gold" type of character in the first season, but then eventually he lost the "heart of gold" part and just became a full-blown, straight-up, outright meanie whose jerkiness kept getting worse and worse as the show went on until he finally started leveling off around the end of the series)
  • Earl Devereaux (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs; became a rude and manipulative jerk in the TV show adaption)
  • Mater (Cars; became an idiot jerk in the second film, until his flandzerization is undone in Cars 3)
  • Optimus Prime (Became a psychotic killing machine in Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen)
  • Ren Hoek (Ren and Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon;same as Optimus Prime)
  • Sakura Haruno (Naruto; became a violent psychopath who often attacks Naruto for the smallest infractions or even for no apparent reason)
  • Shino Aburame (Boruto: Went from being a mysterious, powerful and kind hearted guy into a guy who always wants attention)
  • Sheen Estevez (Planet Sheen; Went from being a funny comic relief to an immature, childish, and unfunny idiot)
  • Spike Bulldog (The Tom and Jerry Show; went from being a friend to Jerry in the original, theatrical shorts to a mean-spirited, short-tempered jerk who hates and bullies both Tom and Jerry)
  • Arthur Read (Arthur Season 16-present; Became the overly serious voice of reason type and can be a jerk at times, although he is still likable)
  • Tommy Oliver (Power Rangers; became an annoying Ranger every season after season)
  • Lord Zedd (Power Rangers; Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers Season 3-Power Rangers in Space); becomes a stereotypical house husband right after ingesting Rita Repulsa's love potion & marrying her afterwards. He became dumber as seasons goes on, going from a malevolent galactic overlord to a slapstick supervillain with ridiculous plans.
  • Manny the Mammoth (Ice Age; became a stereotypical over-caring father in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and became dumber and dumber as films went on.)
  • Sid the Sloth (Ice Age; Became a stereotypical lazy bum in Ice Age 4: Continental Drift and became dumber and dumber as films went on.)
  • Jungho (The Devil's Boy; Season 2-3); Became a more psychotic, unheroic, vengeful bullied boy after her crush, Lee Yoonhee commited suicide.
  • John Doe (UnOrdinary; second half of Season 1, Season 2); Became an arrogant, unheroic bullied teenager, who grew tired of being crippled by his tormentors.
  • Dongtae (DICE: The Dice That Changes Everything; season 4); became a weak boy once again.
  • Lego (Object Invasion; Episode 6-onward; he went from a kind, yet self conscious friend of Cup to a bossy leader who gets angry when his team loses, and he once blamed his own team for losing the challenge, and doesn't care about whatever gets in his way, which led to his elimination)
  • Andy Bernard (The Office (US)): Seasons 8 and 9; became very annoying.
  • Sam Puckett (iCarly Seasons 4-6; Sam & Cat); Was flanderized twice (first one was good, second one was bad). In the earlier seasons of iCarly, she started out as being an aggressive tomboy. During Seasons 4-6, however, she became somewhat less aggressive and more girly (this was good Flanderization that made her more lovable and memorable). Then, during Sam & Cat, she became a selfish jerk (which unfortunately, was a bad flanderization rather than a good one).
  • Cat Valentine (Victorious Post Season 2, Sam & Cat) became even dumber than she was in the first 2 seasons of Victorious to the point of being an absolute idiot.
  • Sam Wilson/Falcon (Marvel Comics; became out of character after becoming the "new" Captain America)
  • Mark Taylor (Home Improvement; Season 7; became a gothic weirdo.)
  • Agent 3 (Splatoon); Started out as the hero you play who defeated Octarains because they stole the Great Zapfish, to a heartless racist jerk who attacked Agent 8 simply because he/she was an Octoling and Octolings used to be the bad guys in Splatoon, even though this Octoling became good due to hearing the Calamari Inkantation and wouldn't attack Agent 3, yet Agent 3 still wants to attack Agent 8 because they were an "evil" Octoling. Thankfully, Agent 3 became good in Octo Expansion because he/she saved Agent 8 and Cap'n Cuttlefish from being blended alive and was nice to Agent 8 and realized that not all Octolings are bad guys.)
  • Princess Peach (Mario Strikers Charged); Became a stereotypical mean popular girl who loves to become famous and she is mean-spirited to her team and the other team captains, especially Mario and Daisy. She can also throw a tantrum by stomping on the ground when she loses or an opponent gains a score.
  • Luke Skywalker (Star Wars: The Last Jedi); became a cowardly old grump who nearly refused to train Rey.
  • Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup (The Powerpuff Girls (2016)); (Blossom became a neurotic geek, Bubbles became one of the girliest girls while still retaining some of her more psychotic episodes, and Buttercup became a bully).
  • Ben Tennyson (2016-2020; became a goofy, off the walls protagonist, but got better by 2021.)
  • Jerry (Gene Deitch Version); Went from being a troublesome and cunning, but cute, funny, and loveable mouse to a flat-out sadistic jerk who enjoys torturing Tom for fun and even makes Tom's owner torture him even more. Luckily, he redeemed himself in the Chuck Jones-era.
  • Daffy Duck (DePatie Freleng/Seven-Arts era); went from a mischevious screwball prankster into a grouchy, humorless sadist who heavily disregards others in favor of getting what he wants and inflicts abuse on innocent characters such as Speedy Gonzales).
  • Eustace Bagge (Courage the Cowardly Dog in Ball of Revenge); Became a murderous jerk who wants Courage dead because he gets all the attention from Muriel.
  • Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones Season 8 Part 2; Became a poorly written mad tyrant.)
  • Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa 3: The End of Hope's Peak High School; Became an incompetent, one-note "I'm going to destroy civilization because I'm evil!" Generic doomsday villain, and has lost all her personality.)
  • Pac-Man (Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures; Went from a video game icon who turns out to be lovable towards many gamers into a glutton who focuses more on food rather than helping others.)
  • Mario (Mario 1993 film; became a one-dimensional, generic plumber with no personality whatsoever, who feels more like a parody of his original counterpart)
  • Mario (Mario Vs. Wario Comics; Became an animal abuser, as he commits animal cruelty a whopping 3 times in a row and even bullies his BFF Wario)
  • Earthworm Jim (Earthworm Jim 3D); Was a hilarious and memorable video game character who turned out to be quite lovable from the cartoon and towards many gamers because of the first two games, but Earthworm Jim 3D made him somewhat annoying, forgettable, and unfairly accident-prone.
  • Tyler Navarro ("Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge"; became an idiot, an unlikable Red Ranger and one of the most annoying characters)
  • Riley Griffin ("Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge"; became immature and only cares about winning.)
  • Koda ("Power Rangers Dino (Super) Charge"; became a silly comic relief in the second season)
  • Woody Woodpecker (Woody Woodpecker 2017; Became an unlikable sadist)
  • The Banana Splits (The Banana Splits Movie; Became murderous monsters)
  • Lanolin (Orson's Farm; Became a HUGE jerk towards everyone, especially Roy)
  • Wreck-It Ralph (Ralph Breaks the Internet; became an immature and selfish jerk who lives to only have Vanellope by his side, even though he redeems himself towards the end)
  • Vanellope von Schweetz (Ralph Breaks the Internet; She has become extremely selfish and makes many callous and irresponsible decisions)
  • Anastasia (Anastasia (2016 musical); became a Mary Sue who has had most of her iconic dresses removed in favor of historically accurate ones in a vain attempt to appease the Russian population, but they actually underestimated the credibility of the Russian people as there are Russians who enjoy the movie designs | Want to see a good example?
  • Mushu (Mulan II; went from a funny comic relief to a self centered jerk just because he was about to lose his guardian position.)
  • Hua Mulan (Mulan (2020); became a Mary Sue and physical fighter and was apparently born gifted.)
  • Dareth (LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu; Seasons 8-present; became more of an attempted comic relief character than an actual comic relief character)
  • Jack Sullivan (The Last Kids on Earth; Became an unlikable idiot)
  • Mrs Axzyte (Axzyte; Went from a mother who disliked games into an abusive mother)
  • Tiny Kong (Donkey Kong; She went from a tough, small, and cute little girl who was able to shrink (hence her name), to a tall, sexual teenager, who has no personality.)
  • Natsuki (DDLC: Loser MC; Became even more mean to MC)
  • Shadow the Hedgehog (Sonic Boom; went from a likable Anti-Hero to an unlikable villain with no backstory)
  • Knuckles the Echidna (Sonic Boom; becomes an idiot tough guy)
  • Edd (Eddsworld Legacy Era; He is considerably louder and more energetic in this era. The beyond era gave back his original personality)
  • Michelangelo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2012; became even more of an annoying idiot in Season 5).
  • Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2003; in Season 4, he became a very unlikable character who is constantly rude and angry at almost every time. This is excusable as he was suffering from PTSD as he was traumatized from nearly being killed in the Season 3 Finale and redeems himself in "The Ancient One" where all of his anger is long gone.
  • Blue (Blue's Clues; Blue's Room made her an annoying, overly-talkative dog)
  • Tommy Pickles (All Grown Up; He went from a happy-go-lucky if extremely fragile protagonist into someone who became more mature and much less prone to crying, although he also became less optimistic and more prone to acting negative. But his flanderization doesn't stop him from being likable since he's usually one of the most relatable characters for the most part.)
  • Chuckie Finster (Rugrats Season 2-present; Became afraid of everything, but is still likable)
  • Sanji (One Piece, Went from a really cool guy who had a weakness for women into a perverted guy who always goes blood-losing every time he sees a girl)
  • Makoto Itou (School Days and Summer/Shiny Days), a cute shy guy who become an irredeemable jerk and a sexual predator.
  • Johnny Bravo (Seasons 2 & 3) (Johnny Bravo, became as dumb as a bag of rocks.)
  • Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic: Super Genesis Wave; became a cruel jerk to Sonic and everyone.)
  • Jenna (30 Rock; became an attention whore and a self-centered diva in Season 3)
  • Eric Matthews (Boy Meets World; became dumber and dumber as the show went on starting in Season 3 to the point where he was unable to put the right shoes on his feet)
  • Simba (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and The Lion Guard; A likable and sympathetic hero who became an unlikeable and stereotypical overprotective and over-caring father towards both Kion and Kiara.)
  • Timon (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and The Lion King's Timon and Pumbaa; he becomes more bossy, selfish and unlikable jerk, but thankfully is considered more funny and still likable for fans.)
  • Kiara (The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride and The Lion Guard; Became an arrogant and snobby brat, and an unlikable teenager, like in the forgettable and overrated movie The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride.)
  • Nana (Elfen Lied; rather than improving to protect her family & friends, she becomes more of a pathetic damsel fighter in many later parts of the manga, where Kurama or Bando always save her & Mayu.)
  • Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist (2017 film); becomes a pathetic stereotypical shounen anime protagonist who lacks the charm of the original Edward Elric)
  • Winry Rockbell (Fullmetal Alchemist (2017 film); she is turned into a stereotypical whiny damsel in distress who always needs saving from Edward Elric)
  • Jimmy (Jimmy Two-Shoes Season 2); became more of an idiot.)
  • Heloise (Jimmy Two-Shoes; Became a punching bag)
  • Handy (Happy Tree Friends, TV Series-present; His sociopath side is shown a lot more often now.)
  • Flaky (Happy Tree Friends, TV Series-present; Became afraid of EVERYTHING)
  • Banjo (Banjo-Kazooie Nuts & Bolts) got flanderized literally into a lazy bear. Sure, the sequels before Nuts & Bolts did show Banjo's lazier side, but Nuts & Bolts did it a lot worse than before to the point that he can't do anything himself thus being an obstruction to Kazooie.
  • Picard (Star Trek: Picard) became a senile anti-male privilege caricature instead of a selfless hero in the TNG.
  • Tak (Tak and The Power of Juju 2007-2009; Became an butt-monkey, idiot hero & jerkass.)
  • Talking Angela (Talking Tom & Friends) she has suffered from four flanderizations, two of which are good and the other two which are bad. She was unlikable in the first season, as she was often rude to Tom and sometimes the others as well, but she was still caring at times, however she became even worse in the second season. She improved in the third season, went back to being bad in the fourth season and returned to being good in the fifth season.
  • Jewel (Rio 2); went from being a snarky, yet mature and caring girlfriend to a selfish, toxic wife who takes control of every decision towards Blu and their children, as she basically pressures Blu into going along to the Amazon, without even letting him fully answer. She is also completely clueless to the obvious advances of her childhood friend Roberto, the moderate harassment by her father Eduardo to her husband, and any discomfort Blu may be feeling in this strange environment. While it is understandable that Jewel is happy to be home, this shouldn't prevent her common sense from working. But her flanderization is now recovered in the end of the film, and she is also alright in the first act of the movie.
  • Queen Poppy (Trolls World Tour; went from being a cheerful, yet caring friend who is later queen of the Pop trolls to a very unlikable protagonist who literally destroyed music by smashing Queen Barb's guitar which had all the 6 strings for each tribe, resulting in the color being sucked out and the land of Trolls being depressed.)
  • Dolly Dalmatian (101 Dalmatian Street; the episode "Balancing Act" turned her into a reckless jerk who always wants to be cool and hip with the puppies and barely learns from her mistakes.)
  • Spank (Spank's New Adventures and Spank and Torakichi Super Partners; like at times in Ohayo! Spank especially in the series finale of the mediocre show of the same name, he becomes a super jerk-like fool, smiling, disobedient, persecuting and bad against everyone without mercy who always wants to do the right things for love to be loved by everyone. So he's considered more hated and unlikable towards his former friends.)
  • Tramp (Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure; like at times due to having begun to be hated by everyone since the middle of the first film, he often becomes a jerk father towards Scamp who hates house rules and wants to be a wild dog, and he no longer speaks to Lady who is no longer the love of his life, however, thankfully in the end he returns in good humor as he was before and apologizes to his son.)
  • Kirby (Kirby's Avalanche/Kirby's Ghost Trap) He has been completely flanderized becoming from a pink puffball with a heart of gold into a huge middle finger to all of the cast who treats them like garbage. Also, he does not getting any comeuppance, making him a Karma Houdini. Plus, he never apologizes to them at the end of the game.)
  • Kirby (Kirby Squeak Squad) (Turned from a lovable pink puff to a maniac who basically just cares about cake and nothing else)
  • Mort (All Hail King Julien; became a murderous psychopath, who makes every fans considering him a Creepypasta.)
  • Bonkers D. Bobcat (Bonkers (Miranda Wright episodes); is too boring and annoyed.)
  • Rei Hino (Sailor Moon (Unknown Seasons); is too unlikable jerk.)
  • Chibiusa (Sailor Moon (Seasons 2-5); is too unlikable and boring jerk.)
  • Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon (Unknown Seasons); is too hypocrital and unlikable.)
  • Characters From Sunny Bunnies (2020-present; became either idiotic or jerks)
  • Joe (Blue's Clues, Seasons 5 and 6; became an idiotic and goofy host)
  • Elmyra Duff (Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain; she become a too bratty kid.)
  • Hordak (She-Ra: Princess of Power (1986-1987), Season 2, along with henchmen, he becomes more parodistic and unfunny jerk.)
  • (Most) characters of Star vs. the Forces of Evil (Season 3-4; becoming too jerks and unlikable.)
  • Ms Frizzle's Class (The Magic School Bus Rides Again): Became one note personalities.
  • Ayane (Dead or Alive 6); Becomes a stereotypical soap opera protagonist with a complex relationship with her half-sister Honoka.
  • Helena Douglas (Dead or Alive 6); Becomes a stereotypical soap opera rich girl with a missing half-sister in the form of Kokoro.
  • Suzaku Kurugi (Code Geass (Season 2-3)); Became way more unlikeable, annoying, selfish, hypocrital traitorous jerk who wants kill to Lelouch for killing Euphina since he was in the first season, but not some extent. (Though it was justified for Lelouch that he was the one who killed her when he intentionally uses his geass to kill all the Japanese people.)
  • Peppa Pig (Peppa Pig (Late Season 1-Early Season 7); Went from a cheeky yet loveable and cheerful child who loves as well cares about her family to a spoiled, ungrateful, rude, bratty child who often fat-shames her daddy and is rude to her little brother.

Why This Trope Should Be De-Flanderized

  1. Basically, this trope serves as reverse character development, where the characters you love become more unlikable.
  2. Characters who become flanderized often rarely go back to their original personalities. And even if they slightly do, there is still a hint of flanderization stuck in them.
  3. Flanderized characters also often end up being derailed in some way or form.
  4. The personalities and overall charm of the character are thrown out the window, turning the characters one dimensional.
  5. Some flanderized characters may end up turning into a completely different trope; for some examples, Norman Price became the mischievous prankster of his town to a dangerous and bratty Karma Houdini and Denzel Crocker went from a decently written antagonist to just plain filler when the show isn't shoving Chloe or Sparky in your face, and sometimes some characters can also be flanderized into butt-monkeys that were often abused but sometimes sympathetic, Amy Rose (Sonic X), and one of the worst examples being characters like Memetchi, Angelina, Lois, Emily, and all the female characters who are sweet, nice, and friendly had changed into unnecessarily aggressive, too tough, naggy, mean-spirited, sexist, and ungrateful jerks as tsunderes, which is not in the good way for the character that can lead into a the awful mean popular girl trope.
  6. Flanderization of one character will cause a chain of the other characters getting flanderized do them dealing with the flanderization.
  7. Overdone flanderization in one show may basically be irreversable, for example, even if The Simpsons went downhill, it started recovering soon enough in Season 31, meanwhile, Family Guy has gone so down the drain, and it's doubtful it will ever return to it's charm.
  8. It's an insult to original viewers of the show, as they didn't want this to even happen to their characters.
  9. Even if flanderization ends up adding goodness to a character, there is always some bad in the "good" flanderization.
  10. Flanderization may also effect other traits of the character besides personality; for example, Cosmo's voice got even worse as he got flanderized.
  11. Due to flanderization, the writing of what the characters do and say ends up going down, ruining them even more.
  12. Even tiny traits that weren't really part of the main character are amplified.
  13. Flanderization may even turn a character into a character worse than the antagonist or it will become the real antagonist than other antagonist characters.
  14. Taking a villian and flanderizing them is even worst, as villians, despite being evil, still need to be enjoyable to watch. Speaking of which, some flanderized jerks can became just cruel mean-spirited who will do anything just to get what they want, even if it means hurting people.
  15. Relatable characters who get flanderized like Timmy Turner end up no longer likable due to random new ego and derailed.
  16. The characters getting worst may co-side with the series or franchise going downhill, some major examples include the following:
    • The Simpsons (seasons 7-31)
    • The Loud House
    • Teen Titans Go!
    • Turbo F.A.S.T
    • The Amazing World of Gumball
    • The Fairly Odd Parents
    • Family Guy
    • SpongeBob SquarePants
    • SuperMarioLogan
    • Battle For Dream Island
    • South Park
    • Sonic The Hedgehog (franchise)
    • Bob The Builder
    • Fireman Sam
    • SMG4
    • The Magic School Bus Rides Again
    • Thomas and Friends
    • Johnny Test
    • George of The Jungle
    • Ed Edd n Eddy
    • American Dad
    • Angelina Ballerina
  17. Flanderization may end up killing any character development the character was receiving as well.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. In some cases, flanderized characters become more likable, relatable and/or entertaining. One major example was King of the Hill, as shown above.
  2. Some characters can still be likable if they're flanderized slightly and still retain their original personality.
  3. Some flanderized characters can return to their original personalities somewhat.

How To Prevent Flanderization

  1. Make sure to keep a character's likability and charm.
  2. Keep the show/movie/franchise intact as well and make a good reboot if you are rebooting a show/franchise and be aware as the shows, movies and franchises going downhill and botched reboots often co-sides with character flanderized.
  3. Remember that the viewers don't want a goofy messed up and mean-spirited jerk as they were fine with the previous character.
  4. Balance out their traits to keep the personality the same.
  5. Some flanderization can be used in wary to make a bland character more likable. Just be careful, as good flanderization can turn bad quick.
  6. Keep good and original writers on the show to help keep personalities.
  7. And most of all- give the character development instead. It's usually learning from experiences and starting to become more likable even if they were jerks beforehand that helps a characters go up. Note that even developed characters can end up flanderized as well, so stay wary.



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