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S1 E3 the Noobs 9.png
These heroes will never be good as others.
Gender: Male


Type: Idiotic Superheroes
Species: Human
Portrayed by: Matt Hill (Tyler), Richard Ian Cox (Kevin), Tabitha St. Germain (Shope), Lee Tockar (Roach)
Status: Alive
Media of Origin: Supernoobs

Supernoobs are the main protagonist group from Supernoobs.

But they suffered a lack of charm when the series was released in 2015.

Bad Qualities


  1. The heroes look nothing more like Teen Titans and The Powerpuff Girls.
  2. They don't have the same heroic charm as the other heroes.
  3. Their hero poses are kind of lame.
  4. Their characteristics are kind of annoying, moronic, assholes, stereotypes, cowards, selfish, and mean-spirited.
  5. Their powers are looking weaker than Teen Titans and Powerpuff Girls.
  6. Instead they fight the villains like Count Venamus, they just JOINED them with evil for no real reason!
  7. Their characters are very bland and generic they are.
  8. Kevin's and Roach's voices are annoying and too raspy.

Tyler Bowman

  1. His personality is supposed to be the kind, caring, calm, and selfless leader of the Supernoobs, but it wasn't shown from this Fandom; And that means, he secretly has a no personality and he doesn't call a character at all.
  2. He's quite a dumb and naive leader.

Jennifer Shope

  1. She looks nothing more like a stereotypical smartass bitch. Which made the writers hated her, and started to bully her is very illogic. Also, the writers also treat Shope like a Butt-Monkey is also very illogic from the character development.
  2. She's a rip-off to Susan Test and Mary Test.

Theodore "The Roach or Roach" Roachmont

  1. He is the dumbest member of Supernoobs.
  2. He is a very loud and crazy tough fat boy.
  3. He is eyes were NEVER reveal throughout the entire series.

Kevin Reynolds

  1. He's the most selfish and irresponsible member of the Supernoobs.
  2. He looks nothing more like a rebellious bully and a cruel jerk than a cool boy.
  3. He's much like Beast Boy from Teen Titans Go:
  • They both have dumb animal transformation.
  • They both harass the girls.
  • They're both lazy.
  1. He lacks remorse and empathy when he bullies Shope (even though she's the only female from Supernoobs) is unjustified and sexist.

Good Qualities

  1. They still hang it the people from the danger.
  2. Shope and Tyler (at the times at the episode) are tolerable from the team.
  • But Tyler is the ONLY tolerable leader of the Supernoobs and he's not as selfish as others.
  1. Their designs are decently great.
  2. Many of the people still like them is because they're still brave and funny as well.

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