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    Earline Fitzgerald
    "People hear about what you do and they laugh at you..."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Terrible excuse of a mother
    Age: Most likely in her 40s
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Margo Martindale
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Million Dollar Baby

    Earline Fitzgerald is a minor character in the blockbuster movie Million Dollar Baby, she is Maggie's selfish mother who cares about her own wellbeing.

    Why She Sucks

    1. After winning some of the title championships, her daughter Maggie bought a house for her, but Margo complains over it saying that Maggie should have asked her before she bought it just over her welfare agreements at least be grateful!
    2. In fact, she should have been grateful to her daughter that she bought her the house, since before she was living in a camper van! Her daughter spent all this money, and she just says "you shouldn't have done it!" Proving that she is an ungrateful bitch
    3. "People hear about what you do and they laugh at you", this line is by far an infamous line for being discriminatory, and yet she's supposed to be Maggie's mum, but she's one heck of a terrible example.
      • in fact the only thing to laugh about her line is the fact that Margo can't actually pronounce Laugh
    4. While we were lucky to not see her for a while, she returned in one of the first few scenes when Maggie was in the hospital, she blames Frankie for the news that Maggie is paralyzed and said that she could have taken her to Disneyland.
    5. She literally has does not care for Maggie at all, Maggie asks whether she did well at the boxing and Margo assumed that she did terribly which is just sad considering that Maggie actually won the championship before being knocked by Billie Osterman into her seat getting paralyzed. And yet Margo assumes that she still did awful
    6. Just to add salt into the wound, she came to visit Maggie just to sign a contract to give all of Maggie's well-deserved money to Margo's lawyer.
    7. Her other members of her family (With the exception of her husband and Maggie) are just cold carbon copies of their mum
    8. Even Judy Witwicky from the Transformers Bayverse (depending on your view) would be a better mom.

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. She actually received her well-deserved comeuppance, blackmailed by her paralyzed daughter saying "and you tell your Lawyer that you were so worried about that welfare that you won't sign those house papers like you're supposed to." Proving that even the paralyzed can have their vengeance
    2. She only appeared in two scenes, so thank goodness for that!


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