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    Dr. Theodore Erswick is one of the two main villains of Last Lamia, along with the Advocate. He wishes to create super humans.

    Why He Sucks

    1. He’s a cliched evil scientist.
    2. He has practically no personality other than wanting to torture and kill people, though he’s a bit varied as he targets both his own species and another species.
    3. He almost always wins, even though he is the bad guy.
    4. Even when Jason escapes (which could allow him to successfully create superhumans), it only seems like a minor inconvenience, since while his escape would most likely result in more failed experiments, he actually enjoys it when a person’s body rejects the formula, since it normally results in someone being burned from the inside out. And if the formula has no effect, he can simply electrocute them until there’s nothing left but ash.
    5. Though he brutally murders the resistance group sent after him, he does not consider them to be a serious threat to the company he works for, which makes the brutal murder seem pointless when he’s not even doing it for revenge.
    6. On that subject, he brutally murders Lani (who is reduced to blood and ash) and makes her brother Xander watch, even though Lani is his only family left. He then electrocutes Xander to the point where there’s not even a skull.
    7. He persuades Xander to betray his friends by promising to cure Lani, which was a simple lie. And yes, Theodore does not look trustworthy at all.
    8. He turns Beck into a humanoid monster, and then forces him to try to kill his friend, Scott. And yes, Scott is basically forced to watch his friends all get killed.
    9. On the subject of monsters, he kidnaps many people and makes them unable to think, but still able to comprehend orders. And the transformation is painful.
    10. He commits genocide against the lamias, after electrocuting some of them for fun. And while he erased the memories of the lamias he kidnapped and electrocuted, it was likely that the lamias would eventually get suspicious if they noticed other lamias were spontaneously disappearing and reappearing.
    11. He kills the Lamia Sovereign in a truly horrific manner (shooting her in non-lethal areas, and then burning her alive) when she was already fatally wounded.
    12. His plan to commit genocide against the lamias could actually be considered stupid, as he likes to experiment on them. If he wipes them all out, how can he experiment on them further?

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. His voice actor is decent.
    2. He doesn’t always get off scot-free. However, it’s possible to argue it would be much more satisfying if Jason and Amali both killed him, seeing as both have a score to settle with him.
    3. He’s drawn surprisingly well.
    4. One might find him unintentionally hilarious. Though some of his dialogue can be enjoyed unironically.


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