Donut (Object Mayhem)

Donut is a male contestant from Object Mayhem. He has only joined the first season of Object Mayhem.

Don't let him fool you, he's anything but "The Round and Proud"

Why He's Anything But "The Round And Proud"

  1. He had a lack of development and did nothing memorable throughout the whole first season of Object Mayhem.
  2. He was incompetent throughout the first 2 episodes of Object Mayhem.
  3. His purpose of existing is to be filler.
  4. He is a generic idler at times. For example, when Gun came up with an evil plan he just stands and watches him instead of confronting him or telling the others as anyone else in his position would do.
  5. His friendship with Lego and Cupcake are dull due to both of them not communicating with him anymore after he got eliminated.
  6. For some reason, when Jigsaw wanted to be his friend he literally kicks her away. What, Donut?
    • Although, Jigsaw did spray his eyes (see RQ#1) so it is justifiable.
  7. He hardly did anything at the first season of Object Mayhem.
  8. There is a scene where he is a generic doomsday villain, he once created a monster to take over the world but for no reason.
  9. He is pointless, dull, undeveloped and felt like he got kicked out from the show.
  10. He has gotten only a small amount of screentime.
  11. He hardly has any personality whatsoever.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. Depending on your view, he has some funny moments such as talking in slow-motion and kicking Jigsaw for spraying his eyes.
  2. His character design is good.


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