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    Chloé Bourgeois (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)


    "FAIRY GODPARENTS!'" — Denzel Crocker

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    Chloé Bourgeois (Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir)
    Chloé Bourgeois Square.png
    "Great, so now I'm on the Loathsome Characters Wiki?! Ugh, Ridiculous! Utterly ridiculous! Just because your father is a mayor, doesn't mean that you're mature and awesome Ms Bourgeois. For the love of the French Republic itself, cry me like a goddamn river."
    Gender: Female
    Type: Irredeemable Clichéd Mean Girl
    Age: 13 - 15
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Selah Victor
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir

    Chloe Bourgeois is a major antagonist in Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir. She is Marinette Dupain-Cheng's rival and a student in Miss Bustier's class at Collège Françoise Dupont.

    She is voiced by Selah Victor in the English dub.

    Intentional Utterly Ridiculous Qualities

    1. She is just another one of those clichéd "mean girl" characters that have been done to death numerous times before.
    2. She thinks she can do anything she wants just because she's the mayor's daughter.
    3. She has the same crush on Adrien Agreste that Marinette Dupain Cheng has, but she's willing to hurt people to get close to him (no, actually, they both do that).
      • She officially crossed the line when she locked Juleka in a bathroom cell so she get close to him in a school photo, resulting in her akumation.
    4. Speaking of which, she responsible for about half of Paris' akumatizations as well (Timebreaker, Lady Wifi, Evillustrator, Dark Cupid, Horrificator, Kung Food, Vanisher, Reflekta, Princess Fragrance, Frightingale, Despair Bear, Zombizou, Stormy Weather (in the sequel episode), Animaestro (to an extent), Miraculer, and even her own father, Malediktator).
    5. She's a coward and a crybaby.
    6. She isn't an evil antagonist, which makes her even more unlikable. At least Hawk Moth takes his job seriously and has a more tragic and clear reason of why he's doing what he does.
    7. She can be racist at times, like in the episode "Kung Food". Another episode shows her being mean to Japanese girl Kagami Tsurugi, and the fact that she always talks about Japan in an offensive way when bullying Asians shows she's anti-Asian, or at least anti-Japanese.
      • This is ironic because this is a show co-produced not only by a Korean company, but TOEI, a Japanese company.
    8. She worships Ladybug, almost never knowing when to back off when Ladybug is taking something seriously.
    9. Hypocrisy: In "Malediktator", Chloe gets upset over everyone teasing her for being a terrible hero, even though she's bullied everyone, most notably Marinette for 4 years.
      • She also cries about no one liking her even though that's her own fault.
    10. She is incredibly irresponsible when she first got her hands on the Bee Miraculous. She not only deliberately openly transformed in public, but she also put lives in danger only to try and save them, and even refused to give the Miraculous back to Ladybug. She even got akumatized while she was Queen Bee. And while all of this was done to impress her mother, she went about it the completely wrong way.
    11. She's been torturing Marinette by being in her class for 4 years- in a row- no joke!
    12. She is extremely egotistic and ungrateful. She completely lets her helpfulness go to her ahead after she helped Ladybug defeat Despair Bear, stating that she could have stopped Stormy Weather's almost world-ending attack much faster than Ladybug, and also calls the director of the Ladybug and Cat Noir movie lame for not including Queen Bee.
    13. While her design is pretty cute for the Miraculous' standards, her face can become unnerving to see (like the infobox shows), because of her big duck lips.
    14. Especially in season 1, her character solely exists just to be hated, especially since the show constantly states how "evil" she is, another case of telling more than showing.
    15. Throughout season 3, with Lila Rossi taking over her "mean girl" role, Chloé seemingly started to be undergoing some character development and growing to be a better person.... only for the season finale to have her turn evil once more just because Ladybug refused to give her the Queen Bee Miraculous and denied her offer to aid them in defeating her akumatized parents, becoming an antagonist once again...
    16. If you thought she was bad enough before season 4, think again. The episodes "Sole Crusher" and "Queen Banana" show how even worse she's gotten. Treating her half-sister terribly for no reason, locking Sabrina in a closet, pushing people to save herself from a villain, hijacking a movie out of jealousy for Zoe and ruining it with increasing absurd demands, and worst of all, ending her own friendship with Adrien, the one person who believed in her, when he sided with the others against her.
    17. She named herself: "QUEEN BANANA". Seriously?
    18. She is the real reason why "Queen's Battle" and "The Battle of Miraculous", are the bad final episodes because she is very irredeemable.

    Miraculous Qualities

    1. Usually, she gets a taste of her own medicine whether it's from akumatized citizens, or Marinette and Adrien.
    2. She did state that she will try to change her ways when her teacher got akumatized, showing that she is not completely heartless.
    3. She is the first alpha bitch character to get some character development and started becoming a nicer person. This is mostly shown when she apologized for her actions in Queen Wasp and even helped Ladybug defeat Malediktator as Queen Bee. Although, most of her character development is thrown away in season 3, causing another akumatization which put not only Paris but the whole planet in danger.
    4. The Bee Miraculous suits her very well, even fitting her usual outfit and her character, with her superhero name literally being "Queen Bee", named after the main trope, she's based on.
      • This is further displayed in "Miraculer", where her experience as Queen Bee give the strength and confidence, she needed to do the impossible and reject an akuma!
    5. She has a beautiful and cute design, despite her face.
    6. She has a lot of self-confidence, something that is rare and refreshing in major characters as opposed to the shy introvert trope.
    7. Her mother disappeared when she was at a young age, which makes her more sympathetic and may explain her behavior.
      • Speaking of her mother she is not any better than her and is abusive to her which makes it possible that she is just mean to get her mothers attention.
    8. In "Antibug", she had a right to be angry because Ladybug did not listen to her when she said the akuma was in Sabrina's pin.
    9. Although she turned into one of the show's main villains, she is slightly sympathetic because she is only mad that Ladybug never chooses her in the battles where she could have offered some help, especially when both of her parents got akumatized but Ladybug chose Kagami in a panic just to separate her from Adrien.
    10. She has a awesome voice to listen to.
    11. She is less of a crybaby.
    12. She still has a few funny moments.
    13. She at least is less annoying and more likable than Lila Rossi, depending on your opinion.
    14. As she is one of the show's antagonists, it's clear that she was MEANT to be hated due to how mean and despicable she is. But some people like her!


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