Carol Danvers (Marvel)

Captain Marvel
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It's really sad when a literal 14-year old is a better Captain Marvel than this character.
Gender: Female
Type: Arrogant Mary Sue
Age: 40s-50s (currently)
Species: Human/Kree Hybrid
Status: Alive
Media of origin: Marvel Comics

Carol Danvers is a superheroine from the Marvel Universe, She was originally the girlfriend of Mar-Vell (the original Captain Marvel) and later she became a superheroine under the name Ms. Marvel, but since 2012 she is known as Captain Marvel.

Why She's Not Marvellous

  1. She is the worst incarnation of Captain Marvel.
  2. Her powers are generic.
  3. She's unlikable, rude, bitter and has no regard for anyone but herself.
  4. She's a Mary Sue and creator's pet.
  5. Even before Marvel went all SJW, she never actually clicked with readers.
  6. She's an abusive alcoholic.
  7. Marvel try to prop her up as an equivalent to Wonder Woman and even Superman in an attempt to make her the face of Marvel.
  8. She has been cancelled and relaunched about twelve times due to poor sales.
  9. She caused Civil War II by going all Minority Report and instituting martial law, imprisoning people before they've actually done anything. This is all based on the premonitions of an Inhuman who's predictions only have a 10% rate of accuracy.
    • It was also a prison that was used to hold insanely dangerous supervillains, because the Inhumans decided that they were going to do something bad. In fact, the prison disturbingly resembles Nazi concentration camps.
    • This shouldn't even be considered legal.
  10. She takes advantage of Kamala Khan's adoration of her.
    • Kamala ends up apologising to her for turning against her in Civil War II despite any sane person seeing it as the right thing to do.
  11. She caused the deaths of Hulk and War Machine.
  12. She put Tony Stark into a coma.
  13. She is made super-popular in-universe in a half-baked effort to make the audience like her.
  14. She is shoehorned everywhere from video games like Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite to the MCU in an attempt to force people to like her, and her MCU incarnation isn't any better.
  15. She murders several clones because she doesn't count them as real people.
  16. She is somehow able considered worthy of Thor's hammer despite all of the above.
  17. She is somehow able to use Doctor Strange's power after body swapping with him. This is despite the fact that Doctor Strange is a sorcerer who had to actually learn his spells. Realistically Carol should have just been a dude with crippled hands while Strange got both their powers combined.
  18. Marvel's solution to all of the above? Just give her more powers as the Sorcerer Supreme.

Redeeming Qualities

  1. She can be tolerable at times.
  2. Rogue got her powers from her.
  3. The time they actually made this character actually work as a villain.
  4. In the Marvel cartoons, she serves as a mother figure to younger superheroes such as Spider-Man, Ms. Marvel, and Ironheart and her interactions with them is very heartwarming.


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