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    The Pilkington Street Kids

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    NOTE: This is just a fictional page, so don't take it seriously.

    The Pilkington Street Kids
    " *Sigh* People these days... are still stuck in their young age suit." - Adam
    Gender: Female (Mila, Reyna, Chelsea, Honey, Kim, Ruby)
    Male (Max, Toby, Conrad, Louis, Donnie)
    Type: Sadistic
    Species: Human
    Portrayed by: Various
    Status: Alive
    Media of origin: Fallout Falls

    The Pilkington Street Children are a group of elementary school students that visit the Strangers whenever they make a plan. They appear in the comic strip series Priority Lane and the Cartoon Network (later Peacock) and E3 Studios animated adaptation Fallout Falls (2018-2020) as well as appearing in cameo appearances as middle school students in its spinoff (made for the previously mentioned service), Fallout Falls: The College Years (2022-present). They don't appear in the movie (also made for Peacock) Fallout Falls: The Next Level (2022).

    Why They Shouldn't Mess With The Strangers


    1. Most of the time, they just tend to act sadistic, immoral and cruel towards strangers whenever they see them doing something.
    2. Their hatred towards The Strangers are just pathetic and laughable. They hate them because of how they were dressed in a geeky way.
    3. They tend to act really loud whenever they hear updates about The Strangers' missions.
    4. Toby (despite being likable) and Reyna can be considered as butt-monkeys of the group due to their lunch money being taken away.

    Mila Overtune

    • First off, she can be considered as a mean popular girl who keeps on bragging about singing voice.
    • Her voice, while decent, can get really annoying and grating when she screams and yells. It doesn't help that it is also high pitch.

    Chelsea Rey

    Redeeming Qualities

    1. Like other characters of Priority Lane, their designs are good, and people may find Mila, Toby and Amy's design outright cute.
    2. Adam's brother Max, Conrad, Toby, Kim and Ruby are the only likable students.
    3. Most of their voices are decent when they're not yelling, crying or screaming.
    4. Thankfully they did improve as they were less sadistic, immature, cruel and annoying in seasons 2 and 3, but that's not saying that much. Also, they got less screen time as the series went on and by Driven Away, they were only reduced to cameos.

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