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Pink Diamond already has a page here, so check that out for more explanation.
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I've already said this before (although I'm just gonna add a few more details to augment my point), Pink Diamond is a complete monster, and that goes for MUCH more things she did than abandoning Spinel. Don't get me wrong, that made me absolutely LOATHE her, but even before that, she was still a complete, and utter, VILLAIN (yes, I said it). Think about it. I mean, really think about it. She never started off as someone who believed that everyone deserves freedom and fought an oppressive empire, she was ONE of those oppressive overlords who kept on pestering her older sisters for a colony because since she was a Diamond, she was "entitled" to it. And then, she decided to trash it because she DIDN'T WANT IT ANYMORE!!! And before you start telling me "Oh, she wanted to save the world", don't. Cause even if she did, she did it in such a horrible way, it just put Earth in more danger, if anything. She was started a war that resulted in thousands of HER PEOPLE fighting and killing each other for a '''''lie''''', and Pink was COMPLETELY '''''OK''''' with watching them do that. Then, she faked her shattering, and don't give me the "Oh, she was escaping her abusers!", cause A: That isn't even CLOSE to why she did that. She did it because she wanted to escape her duties as a Diamond so she could stay on Earth with the '''funny Humans''' (and speaking of the humans, remember when she laughed in Greg's face when he tried to fuse with her? That proves that she just thought of humans like pets! She liked them, but didn't respect them. So she's the EQUIVALENT OF THE OTHER DIAMONDS!). And B: She knew the Diamonds better than everyone, so she knew perfectly well what they're reaction would be if she was shattered. She didn't even '''''TRY''''' to fix the gems corrupted because of '''HER''' that was what Steven persuaded the other Diamonds to help him with! And, while we're on the subject, HOW THE HELL DID SHE EXPECT THE OTHER DIAMONDS TO NOT DO '''''ANYTHING''''' AFTER HER DEATH?! HOW FREAKING STUPID IS PINK?! Plus also, the experiments done on shattered gems that turned out to be responsible for forced fusions was also her fault. Oh, and remember the Off Colors? The defective gems forced into hiding because then they'd be shattered? If she was REALLY the wise and loving leader we thought she was, she would've at least '''tried''' to save them. But no, she didn't because she DIDN'T THINK IT WAS HER PROBLEM!!!!!!!! And also I know this has nothing to do with the Off Colors, but I love how Pink was always telling everyone to be themselves, while she herself '''wasn't being her true self'''. '''''Hypocrisy.''''' Remember when Steven said she hurt everyone even if she didn't want to? Well, whether intentional or not, she DID HURT EVERYONE!!!!!! She hurt Pearl by forcing her to keep her secret and bottle up her emotions without giving a crap about how it would affect her mental health (and considering despite that, she was in a romantic relationship with her MASTER which is '''''REALLY CREEPY''''', it also doubles as emotional abuse), she hurt Greg by leaving him alone to take care of their son, she hurt Amethyst by not bothering to even TRY to help her with her insecurities, she hurt the other Diamonds by traumatizing them with her fake death, she hurt Bismuth by betraying her and bubbling her in Lion's mane for wanting to shatter gems so it wouldn't expose her (something SHE had been tricking her OWN PEOPLE into doing without caring in the slightest), she hurt Spinel by abandoning her on a floating rock for 6000 years (oh, and speaking of that, Tv Tropes, which I will mention again later, actually tries to shame Spinel for '''not feeling empathy for Pink''' because she was simply playing with her all day and doing what she was literally programmed to do while not realizing she needed more than being played with because, oh, I don't know. Maybe because she had '''''NO IDEA ABOUT WHAT SHE WAS EXPERENCING OUTSIDE OF THE GARDEN'''''!!!! And even after being abandoned by Pink, they still try to say Spinel '''''is bad for not caring about what she's become and not sympathizing with all she's been through, all the nonexistent character development and trauma crap.''''' I'm not joking.), she hurt Lapis by getting her trapped in to mirror for hundreds of years, she hurt EVERY, SINGLE, ROSE, QUARTZ by getting them bubbled for doing '''absolutely''' '''''NOTHING''''', she hurt Garnet by lying to her, she hurt Volleyball by letting her become injured and permanently screwing up her mental health, and she hurt Steven by dumping everything she did on him. And don't tell me "She's just flawed, and that makes her more human and interesting", or "It's the other Diamonds' Fault, cause they never taught her kindness, just meanness!" Because there's a BIG difference between being flawed, and being A TOTAL MONSTER!!!!! Everyone makes mistakes, but the things Pink Diamond did are much more than mistakes. She was already flawed as Rose, but overall, still tried her best to make the right decisions for and protect the people around her. Then, A Single Pale Rose came along, and said "Hey! Ya know all that character development we've been building up for the last 4 seasons! Naaaaahhhh! Who needs it! Let's turn Rose from a flawed but still well-meaning character who was confronted with tough decisions, to a whiny, self-centered, unsympathetic wretch who never considered anyone around her and only acted for herself! Brilliant, what could possibly go wrong?" And second, your decisions in life are your own. No one is accountable for what YOU do, only YOU. So don't tell me it's Yellow, Blue, and White's fault, cause it simply, isn't, true. I honestly can't express how much I hate it when people say that. And you know the worst part? SHE'LL NEVER BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR HER ACTIONS, BECAUSE, LIKE I SAID EARLIER, SHE GAVE UP HER FORM TO DUMP EVERYTHING ON STEVEN!!!!! And don't bring up the tape from earlier in the series, cause frankly, I'm not buying it anymore. Anyone can sum up some emotion words, slap it together and call it day. And even if she '''did''' mean what she said, it still doesn't erase the fact that she's still leaving him to fix her mess. After all that's been said, after every damn thing, do you REALLY think she deserves any drop of the defense she gets to this day? Are you really gonna tell me this tyrannical, spoiled, immature, narcissistic dictator, who's '''nowhere near''' the poor, endlessly benevolent, goody-two shoes we should throw all out sympathy and pity into places like Tv Tropes want you to think she is, doesn't fit the criteria of a true villain? I could go on, but I think you get my point: Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz, was a manipulative, remorseless, egotistical brat, that people NEED to stop defending, because she did absolutely NOTHING to deserve it. But anyway, that's all. For further detail, I'd recommend checking out MisAnthro Pony's video The Fall Of Steven Universe: How It Fell From Grace, or WickedBinge's video Steven Universe Pink Diamond Worst Deeds, cause they are WAY better at explaining why Pink Diamond is such a terrible character than me.
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Pink Diamond already has a page here, so check that out for more explanation.

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