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23 June 2022

22 June 2022

  • curprev 22:1222:12, 22 June 2022Becarbone talk contribs 1,116 bytes +1,116 Created page with "{{LoathsomeCharacterInfobox|name=Red Circle|Picture=Screenshot 2022-06-06 090551.png|Gender=Male|Quote="Can you shut up Green Square!"|Type=Jerkish Circle|Species=Square|Portrayed by=Carlos Alazraqui|Status=Alive|Series=The Green Square Show!|First Appearance=July 11, 2021<br>Green Square Is Awesome (flanderized)|Last Appearance=TBA (flanderized)}} '''Red Circle''' is a major character in offbrand_square, a main character in Life of a Square, and one of the two main char..." Tags: Mobile edit Mobile web edit