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Dolphin Boy is a minor character from the Adult Swim series Sealab 2021. He is an overweight blonde boy who speaks in dolphin noises who oftens wanders around Sealab. The rest of the crew frequently make fun of his weight, and often shoot him in the head for no reason. Dolphin Boy is a parody of Jamie, a minor character from Sealab 2020.

Why He Deserves To Be Called "Fat"

1. Although intentional, the idea of an overweight boy that speaks in dolphin noises is just plain laughable.

2. His name is extremely lazy and uncreative, even if it was intended. He is called "Dolphin Boy" for the mere fact that he's a human boy that speaks in dolphin noises. The most ridiculous part is that "Dolphin Boy" is actually his name, as shown in the episode "All That Jazz".

3. He is pointless character with no personality whatsoever. His entire character is that he's fat and a butt-monkey, and that's pretty much it.

4. As the series goes on, he gets further flanderized into an even bigger butt-monkey, as his treatment continuously gets worse, to the point of mostly getting killed by the rest of the crew.

·He was killed once in the first season. Near the end of the episode "Predator", he was eaten by Murphy and Quinn, which is cannibalism.

·In the second season, he is killed by getting run over in the episode "Vacation".

·In the episode "Isla de Chupacabra", he is devoured by the chupacabras, leaving only his skeleton and a few ripped up pieces of his jumpsuit, which is disturbing to look at.

·In almost every episode from season four he appears in, he's shot in the head by other characters.

5. He is actually worse than the Sealab 2020 character he is based on, Jamie, who was actually likable and had more personality than everyone else.

6. His chirping gets annoying...very quickly. Especially since it's the same sound effect used over and over again.

·On that topic, the sound effect used for him wasn't even intended for dolphins. It was actually intended for squirrels.

7. His current design is somewhat unsettling, likely due to his uncanny facial expressions and his huge abdomen that looks like it's going to burst through his jumpsuit.

·If anything, his design was badly butchered since an off-model animation frame of Jamie's face was used in Dolphin Boy's current design.

8. In the episode "All That Jazz", it's revealed that he is severely overweight (maybe even obese), as he is seven years old, three and a half feet tall and weighs one hundred forty-eight pounds, which is nearly three times the size of an average seven-year-old boy.

9. He was at his absolute worst in "Moby Sick", where he was flanderized even more, to the point of becoming a villain. In this episode, he attemps to kill Alebard, a sick whale, simply because he got jealous that the whale was getting more attention than him, and legit calls the poor thing a bitch! He even goes as far as SHAVING ALL HIS HAIR OFF AND TURNING HIMSELF INTO A SKINHEAD NAZI, WHICH IS EXTREMELY DISTURBING WHEN YOU REMEMBER THAT HE'S ONLY SEVEN! Not to mention, this entire moment felt like a huge middle finger to anyone who felt sorry for Dolphin Boy.

10. Overall, he feels like an unnecessary addition to appeal to children, which is exactly the type of character he's supposed to parody (except the character he was based on was likable).

*Happy Dolphin Noises* Qualities

1. He does have some funny quotes when translated, such as "Ow! You burned my finger you ugly stupid stinking monster!" and "I have an ice cream cone. Because I was a good boy.".

2. He isn't without his memorable moments, such as his interaction with the invisible monster in "Predator" and the photo shoot hallucination that Quinn had in "Waking Quinn" that featured pictures of Dolphin Boy in various costumes.

3. His old design is downright cute and nice to look at, as he had adorable facial expressions, looked chubby rather than obese and was more on-model with Jamie. Unfortunately, it was only used in the first few episodes he appears in ("Radio Free Sealab", "Chickmate", "Predator" and "Waking Quinn", and to a lesser extent, his personnel file in "All That Jazz").

4. The fat jokes aimed at him are admittedly funny.

5. The Sealab 2020 character he was based on, Jamie, is much more likable.

6. Considering the atmosphere of Sealab 2021, it's very clear that he was made as a joke, so he was intended to be a ridiculous character.


·He is a parody of Jamie from Sealab 2020.

·In the episode "All That Jazz", it's revealed that he is seven years old, three and a half feet tall, and weighs one hundred forty-eight pounds, and his nickname is apparently "Butterchubs" (likely a portmanteau of "butterball" and "chubby").

·He seems to have a habit of poking his belly, as seen in episodes like "Radio Free Sealab", "Waking Quinn" and "Let 'Em Eat Corn".

·In the "behind the scenes" parody episodes, "Swimming in Oblivion" and "Return to Oblivion", Dolphin Boy is played by twins.

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